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NetApp All Flash FAS Storage Arrays
Performance Without Compromise

NetApp All Flash FAS Storage Array

NetApp Products
NetApp All Flash FAS Series
NetApp AFF8040 All Flash FAS Storage Array
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NetApp AFF8060 All Flash FAS Storage Array
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NetApp AFF8080 EX All Flash FAS Storage Array
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Best For

  • Big Data Analytics
  • High-Performance Workloads
  • Microsoft Database
  • OpenStack
  • Oracle Database
  • SAP and SAP HANA
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Virtualization

As businesses strive for faster time to market and greater customer satisfaction, they must improve the speed and responsiveness from key business operations. IT leaders recognize the benefits of all-flash storage for delivering consistent, low-latency I/O to critical workloads. As flash goes mainstream and more types of workloads run on allflash storage, it is also critical for a solution to deliver enterprise-grade data management capabilities for a shared environment. However, many all-flash array solutions lack robust data management, effective data protection, seamless scalability, and deep application integration.

NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) systems address enterprise storage requirements with high performance, superior flexibility, and best-in-class data management. Built on ONTAP data management software, All Flash FAS systems speed up your business without compromising on the efficiency, reliability, or flexibility of your IT operations. As an enterprise-grade all-flash array, it accelerates, manages, and protects your business-critical data, now and in the future, enabling an easy and smooth transition to flash for your datacenter. With AFF systems, you can:

Accelerate the speed of business:

  • Built on the flash-optimized NetApp WAFL (Write Anywhere File Layout) system, ONTAP FlashEssentials enables consistent submillisecond latency and up to 4 million input/output operations per second (IOPS). It can meet the demands of a multitude of workloads in a shared environment.
  • The All Flash FAS system delivers 4 to 12 times higher IOPS and 20 times faster responses for databases than traditional HDD systems do.
  • The All Flash FAS system improves productivity and customer satisfaction and opens up new business opportunities enabled by the lightening-fast speed.

Simplify IT operations while transforming data center economics:

  • Compared with traditional HDD systems, with All Flash FAS, you can reduce power consumption and rack space by up to 11 times and slash support costs to a third by eliminating performance tuning.
  • You can get flash at the cost of HDDs thanks to NetApp data reduction technologies, enhanced with new inline data compaction.
  • As the industry's leading all-flash storage that supports both synchronous and asynchronous replication, All Flash FAS can support all your backup and recovery needs with a complete suite of integrated data protection.

Future-proof your investment with maximum deployment flexibility:

  • The All Flash FAS system is ready for the data fabric. You can move data between the performance tier and the capacity tier, on the premises or in the cloud.
    • All Flash FAS offers the broadest application ecosystem integration for VDI, database, and server virtualization.
    • With no more silos, you can nondisruptively integrate flash into your infrastructure and scale out as your requirements grow.

The flash-suited write architecture reduces latency and increases the longevity of SSDs.
The flash-suited write architecture reduces latency and increases the longevity of SSDs.

Make a smooth move to flash. Jump to light speed. Transform your data center economics with enterprise-grade All Flash FAS.

Streamline your flash adoption using the true unified all-flash array built for both SAN and NAS environments. NetApp AFF8000 systems deliver all-flash performance with best-in-class data management-from flash to disk to cloud.

Move data securely across your choice of clouds. Take advantage of the industry's most efficient and comprehensive integrated data protection suite-on premises or in the cloud.

  • Transform your data center economics
    Eliminate performance tuning. Get flash for the price of disk, thanks to inline data reduction technologies-including new data compaction with the first all-flash array to support 15TB SSDs.
  • Deploy flash with maximum flexibility
    Integrate AFF seamlessly into the infrastructure with nondisruptive scaling and software-defined access to flash. Achieve long-term compatibilities with our broadest application integration.
  • Accelerate your speed of business
    Realize new business opportunities made possible by flash. Run enterprise applications up to 20 times faster with up to 60% additional boost, fueled by ONTAP 9 storage software.

Key Benefits

  • Transform your data center economics with flash-reduce both power use and rack space by 11 times and cut support costs by 67% compared with an HDDbased data center.
  • Manage data with unified software for both SAN and NAS environments, from flash to disk to cloud.
  • Provision storage and serve data within 10 minutes.
  • Reduce SSD storage by 5 to 10 times on average with inline data reduction technologies.
  • Safeguard your data with the best-inclass integrated data protection suite that is included in the system.
  • Scale out nondisruptively to 24 nodes, 367PB of effective capacity, and 4 million IOPS.
  • Accelerate applications with up to 12 times higher IOPS and 20 times faster response, powered by NetApp ONTAP FlashEssentials.
  • Get flash for the price of disk with NetApp All Flash FAS systems that start as low as $25,000.1

NetApp Systems Cabinet

1 Based on the current promotion, and the “flash for the price of disk” statement is comparing $/GB pricing when using effective SSD capacity, taking into consideration storage efficiency savings.


All-Flash Performance Powered by ONTAP FlashEssentialsAll-Flash Performance Powered by ONTAP FlashEssentials

FlashEssentials is what's behind the performance and efficiency of All Flash FAS. It encapsulates flash innovations and optimization technologies in ONTAP software. And with the latest ONTAP 9 release, performance can be further increased by up to 60%. ONTAP is well known as leading data management software in the industry, but what is not widely known is that, with its WAFL system, it is natively suited for flash media. FlashEssentials encompasses the technologies that optimize flash performance and media endurance, including:

  • Coalesced writes to free blocks, maximizing performance and the longevity of flash media
  • A random read I/O processing path that is designed from the ground up for flash
  • A highly parallelized processing architecture that promotes consistent low latency
  • Enhanced built-in quality of service (QoS) that safeguards SLAs in multiworkload and multitenant environments
  • Inline data reduction technologies, including inline compression, inline deduplication, and the newly introduced inline data compaction, reduce the SSD storage required and total spending on flash systems.

Transform Data Center Economics While Simplifying Operations

All Flash FAS systems can change your data center economics dramatically by reducing power consumption and rack space to a fraction of what a traditional HDD-based data center needs. They also significantly simplify storage management and cut support costs by eliminating performance tuning.

All Flash FAS is not only excellent for performance-demanding applications such as database, VDI, and server virtualization, but also a great choice for shared environments with a variety of workloads commonly found in a datacenter.

  • Database
    All Flash FAS reduces server and licensing costs by up to 50% by driving up server CPU utilization.
  • VDI
    At just $39/desktop and up to 70:1 data reduction, All Flash FAS costs less than the competition.
  • Server virtualization
    All Flash FAS delivers superior support for your server virtualization environment with unified SAN and NAS support and leading application ecosystem integration.

All Flash FAS comes with a full suite of acclaimed NetApp Integrated Data Protection software. You get features and capabilities such as NetApp Snapshot® copies, cloning, encryption, and both synchronous and asynchronous replication for backup and disaster recovery. Key capabilities and benefits include:

  • Native space efficiency with cloning and Snapshot copies to reduce storage costs
  • Snapshot copy creation, cloning, and replication with near-zero performance impact
  • Application-consistent Snapshot copies that simplify application management
  • Synchronous replication with NetApp MetroCluster software, a NetApp exclusive capability in the all-flash array market that delivers zero RPO and low to zero RTO for mission-critical workloads
  • Support for at-rest data encryption and onboard key manager to help secure your data with simplified key management
  • NetApp SnapMirror replication software that replicates to any type of FAS/AFF system-all-flash, hybrid, or HDD, and on the premises or in the cloud-reducing overall system costs

All Flash FAS systems are built with innovative inline data reduction technologies including inline adaptive compression, inline deduplication, and the new inline data compaction introduced in the latest ONTAP 9 release. These technologies provide space savings of 5 to 10 times, on average, for a typical use case. When these capabilities are combined with the space-efficient NetApp Snapshot and FlexClone technologies, a data reduction ratio as high as 933:1 has been observed.1

Additional details about the data reduction technologies include:

  • The new inline data compaction technology uses an innovative approach to place multiple logical data blocks from the same volume into a single 4KB block. This process occurs after inline compression and inline deduplication and just before writing to media. It provides substantial space savings in addition to inline compression for database workloads that have relatively small I/O sizes. For databases with I/O sizes of less than 2KB or 1KB, you can save 2 to 4 times the space, respectively, that inline compression by itself could achieve. A combined space savings as high as 67:1 by using inline data compaction and inline compression together has been observed.
  • The inline compression has a near-zero performance impact. Incompressible data detection eliminates wasted cycles.
  • The enhanced inline deduplication in ONTAP 9 software further increases space savings to up to 70:1 for VDI workloads. It is particularly effective for volume update operations such as VDI OS patches.
  • Advanced SSD partitioning with the latest ONTAP 9 release further increases usable capacity by almost 20%.

NetApp OnCommand management software provides automated tools to further simplify management of storage operations:

  • With SAN- and NAS-optimized pre-configurations and the fast provisioning workflow, it takes less than 10 minutes to set up All Flash FAS systems and start serving application data.
  • OnCommand Performance Manager enables informed workload provisioning and rebalancing by monitoring performance headroom to assure clusters and nodes are not loaded beyond the optimal operating point.
  • OnCommand Workflow Automation automates common storage tasks such as provisioning and data protection. It provides fast, one-click automation and self-service.

All Flash FAS is data fabric ready-you can easily move data between tiers and different clouds.
All Flash FAS is data fabric ready-you can easily move data between tiers and different clouds.

Unified Flash Future-Proofs Investments

With All Flash FAS, your investment is protected if your performance and capacity needs change or if your cloud strategy evolves in the future:

  • All Flash FAS systems eliminate performance silos. They seamlessly integrate with hybrid FAS systems in an ONTAP environment, providing a high-performance tier. With nondisruptive operations, workloads can be transparently moved to the storage tier that best meets your requirements.
  • Seamless scale-out lets you reach new heights, with up to 4 million IOPS and 367PB of effective capacity in a single cluster.
  • All Flash FAS is data fabric ready, with proven cloud connectivity. You can easily move data between the cloud and All Flash FAS for maximum performance and return on investment.
  • Industry-leading ecosystem integration offers a broad set of applications that All Flash FAS supports, allowing the flexibility to add or change workloads as needed.

Get More Business Value with Services

Whether you are planning your next-generation storage system, need specialized know-how for a major storage deployment, or want to optimize the operational efficiency of your existing infrastructure, NetApp Services and NetApp certified partners can help.

We collaborate with you to enhance your IT capabilities through a full portfolio of services that covers your IT lifecycle. For example, our assessment and advisory services can help evaluate the performance and efficiency of workloads across your heterogeneous environments. This evaluation helps you determine the best workload candidates to move to flash and how to optimize flash technology in your environments-and much more. Support offerings, such as the NetApp AutoSupport service tools, proactively manage your All Flash FAS systems and quickly resolve issues. Learn more at

Unlock the Power of Your Data and Your People

Built on years of flash innovation and experience, NetApp All Flash FAS achieves high I/O at consistent low latency. And it does so without compromising on core enterprise requirements, such as robust data management, efficient data protection, and flexibility to respond to changing needs.


All Flash FAS systems come with the NetApp ONTAP operating system and advanced data management and data protection tools.

  FAS8080 EX FAS8060 FAS8040
AFF8080 EX AFF8060 AFF8040
NAS Scale-out: 1-24 nodes (12 HA pairs)
Maximum SSD 5760 5760 4608
Maximum Raw Capacity: All-Flash 88.5PB/78.6PiB 22.12PB/19.65PiB 17.7PB/15.7PiB
Maximum Capacity 366.6PB/325.6PiB 91.61PB/81.37PiB 73PB/64.8PiB
Maximum Memory 3072GB 1536GB 768GB
SAN Scale-out: 1-8 nodes (4 HA pairs)
Maximum SSD 1920 1920 1536
Maximum Raw Capacity: All-Flash 26.2PM/23.3PiB 7.37PB/6.55PiB 5.9PB/5.2PiB
Maximum Capacity 122.2PB/108.5PiB 30.54PB/27.12PiB 24PB/21.3PiB
Maximum Memory 1024GB 512GB 256GB
Cluster Interconnect 2, 4, or 6 10GbE 2 or 4 10GbE 2 or 4 10GbE
Per HA Pair Specifications (Active-Active Dual Controller)
Maximum SSD 480 480 384
Maximum Raw Capacity: All-Flash 7.4PB/6.6PiB 1.84PB/1.64PiB 1.47PB/1.28PiB
Effective Capacity* 30.6PB/27.1PiB 7.63PB/6.78PiB 6.1PB/5.4PiB
Controller Form Factor Dual enclosure HA;
2 controllers and 2 IOXMs in two 6U chassis; total of 12U or single-enclosure HA;
2 controllers in single 6U chassis
Dual-enclosure HA;
2 controllers and 2 IOXMs in two 6U chassis; total of 12U or single-enclosure HA;
2 controllers in single 6U chassis
Single-enclosure HA; 2 controllers in single 6U chassis
Memory 256GB 128GB 64GB
PCIe expansion slots 24 8 or 24 8
Onboard I/O: UTA2
(10GbE/FCoE, 16Gb FC)
8 8 8
Onboard I/O: 10GbE 8 8 8
Onboard I/O: GbE 8 8 8
Onboard I/O: 6Gb SAS 8 8 8
Storage Networking Supported FC; FCoE; iSCSI; NFS; pNFS; CIFS/SMB
OS Version Data ONTAP 8.3 or higher; Data ONTAP 8.3.1 or later for AFF8080 EX single-chassis HA.  
High-Availability Features Alternate Control Path (ACP); Ethernet-based service processor and Data ONTAP management interface; redundant hot-swappable controllers, cooling fans, power supplies, and optics
Supported configurations

Cluster Configurations

  • Two-node switchless or switched cluster
  • HA nodes within a Data ONTAP cluster

MetroCluster Configurations (DataONTAP 8.3.1 and later)

  • Single or two-node clusters at each site
Disk Shelves Supported DS2246 (2U; 24 drives, 2.5" SFF)
DS224C (2u; 24 drives, 2.5" SFF)
Maximum RAID Group Sizes RAID-TEC (triple parity, ONTAP 9)
  • SSDs and Performance HDDs: 29 (26 data disks plus 3 parity disks)
  • Capacity HDDs: 21 (18 data disks plus 3 parity disks)
  • SSD: 28 (26 data disks plus 2 parity disks)
  • SSD: 14 (13 data disks plus 1 parity disk)
RAID 6 + RAID 1 or RAID 4 + RAID 1 (SyncMirror)
Operating Systems Supported Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows XP, Linux, Oracle Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS, VMware, ESX
Max. Number of LUNs 12,000 per node
Number of Supported SAN Hosts Up to 512 hosts per HA pair
FlexVol Volumes Up to 1,000 per controller
Snapshot Copies Up to 127,000
Maximum Volume Size 100TiB 100TiB 100TiB
Maximum Aggregate Size 400TiB 400TiB 324TiB
Maximum Port Count (Includes Integrated Ports and PCIe Expansion Slots)
FC target ports (16Gb autoranging) 32 or 64 64 24
FC target ports (4Gb or 8Gb) 32 or 64 64 40
FCoE target ports, UTA (max.) 32 32 24
10GbE ports (max.) 32 or 64 64 32
GbE ports (max.) 30 or 72 72 40
6Gb/12Gb SAS ports (max.) 32 or 56 56 40
FC initiator ports (max.) 32 or 72 72 40
Maximum Adapters
Dual 10GbE (optical or copper) 6 or 16 16 8
Dual 10Gbase-T (RJ-45,CAT 6A-E) 6 or 16 16 8
Quad GbE (copper) 6 or 16 16 8
Dual 10GbE/FCoE 16Gb FC Unified Target Adapter 2 (UTA2, optical or copper for 10GbE/FCoE deployments, optical for 16Gb FC) 6 or 24 24 8
8Gb FC target 6 or 16 16 8
Quad 6Gb SAS storage HBA 6 or 12 12 8
Quad 4Gb FC storage/tape HBA (fiber) 6 or 16 16 8
AFF8080 EX AFF8060 AFF8040
System Environmental Specifications
Thermal Rating (at 200V) Dual Chassis: 2,880 BTU (typical, per enclosure);
3,252 BTU (worst case, per enclosure)
Single Chassis: 2,696 BTU (typical); 3809 (worst case)
2,031 BTU (typical)
2,362 BTU (worst case)
1,495 BTU (typical)
1,843 BTU (worst case)
Weight (heaviest) 125.7 lb 121 lb 121 lb
Height 12U or 6U 12U or 6U 6U
Width 19" IEC rack-compliant (17.6", 44.7cm)
Depth 24.3" (28.9" with cable management)
Operating temperature, altitude, and relative humidity 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F); at <= 3,000m (at <= 10,000') elevation; 20% to 80% relative humidity, noncondensing (28°C wet bulb temperature)
Nonoperating temperature and relative humidity -40° C to 65° C (-40° F to 149° F); 5% to 95% relative humidity, noncondensing, in original container
Operating acoustic noise AFF8040/AFF8060:
  • Declared sound power (LwAd) per ISO 9296: 7.6 Bel
  • Sound pressure (LpAm) (bystander positions): 62.9 dB
AFF8080 EX:
  • Declared sound power (LwAd) per ISO 9296: 7.6 Bel @ normal operating conditions (at 23 °C and at sea level)
Compliance RoHS-compliant (PDF)
Safety/emissions/immunity Safety: EN 60950, CE, CSA 60950, UL 60950, CB IEC60950-1 (all national deviations), EN60825-1, IRAM, GOST-R, BSMI, SONCAP, NRCS LOA (South Africa)

Emissions/Immunity: FCC Part 15 Class A, ICES-03, CE, KCC, VCCI, AS/NZS CISPR 22, EN55022, EN55024, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, SABS COC (South Africa), BSMI
NetApp Systems Cabinet
Rack space 42U
Dimensions (height/width/depth) 78.75" (200cm)/23.6" (60cm)/44.3" (112.5cm)
Minimum cabinet clearances for airflow 10" (25.4cm) front and 12" (30.5cm) rear
Minimum cabinet clearances for service 30" (76.3cm) front and rear, 12" top
AC power 200 to 240VAC
Current 30A single-phase or 3-phase
Weight (empty) 307lb. (138kg)
Features Split rear door with cable egress opening, reversible front door (left or right handed)

* Effective capacity based on 5:1 storage efficiency ratios with the maximum number of SSDs installed. Actual ratio is up to 10:1 and higher depending on workloads and use cases.


Combine all-flash performance with best-in-class enterprise data management and integrated data protection tools.

Manage flash with unparalleled simplicity and flexibility using NetApp ONTAP 9 enterprise-grade data management software built for both SAN and NAS environments. Safeguard your data with industry's most comprehensive data protection that is built into our All Flash FAS systems.

ONTAP 9 takes ease of management, storage efficiency, and performance to a whole new level.

Set up and serve data within 10 minutes. Eliminate performance tuning. Monitor and optimize performance with automated tools and predictive analytics.

Furthering the innovations in FlashEssentials, flash optimization technologies built on the flash-suited ONTAP WAFL® (Write Anywhere File Layout) file system, ONTAP 9 delivers up to 60% more performance than previous versions. New inline data compaction further reduces storage by placing multiple small data blocks in a single 4KB block when combined with inline data compression. For database workloads with small I/O sizes, the space savings could be as high as 67:1.

NetApp AFF8000 Series Software Included with the System
Features and Software Included with the ONTAP Software Efficiency: FlexVol, deduplication, compression, compaction, and thin provisioning

Availability: MetroCluster and Multipath I/O

Data protection: RAID-DP, and Snapshot

Performance: Storage quality of service (QoS)

Management: OnCommand Workflow Automation, System Manager, Performance Manager, and Unified Manager
Flash Bundle Included with AFF8000 Systems
  • All storage protocols supported (FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, CIFS/SMB)
  • SnapRestore: Back up and restore entire Snapshot copies in seconds
  • SnapMirror: Simple, flexible replication for disaster recovery
  • FlexClone: Instant virtual copies of files, LUNs, and volumes
  • SnapManager: Application-consistent data backup and recovery for enterprise applications
  • SnapVault: Simple, flexible replication for data backup
Extended Value Software (optional)
  • OnCommand Insight: Flexible, efficient resource management for heterogeneous environments
  • SnapProtect: Management software for backup and data recovery


Front View
Front View

Rear View
Rear View

FAS8040 and FAS8060 Ports View
Ports View


Download the NetApp All Flash FAS Systems Datasheet (.PDF)

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NetApp Products
NetApp All Flash FAS Series
NetApp AFF8040 All Flash FAS Storage Array
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NetApp AFF8060 All Flash FAS Storage Array
Our Price: Request a Quote
NetApp AFF8080 EX All Flash FAS Storage Array
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