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All-Flash Storage
Drive greater speed, responsiveness, and value from key business applications by using NetApp all-flash storage arrays.

Key Point

  • Increase application performance up to 20x for improved productivity.
  • Reduce database latencies by 95%, which improves user experiences.
  • Consolidate your application infrastructure by up to 50% to reduce TCO.
  • Avoid up to 93% of traditional performance-related storage problems.
  • Reduce storage administrative time by 12x.

Deploy NetApp all-flash solutions to increase server CPU utilization, consolidate servers and databases, accelerate IT service delivery, and reduce database license fees.

As you expand to the hybrid cloud, use our all-flash storage arrays to optimize application performance across all your IT resources, based on our Data Fabric vision.

NetApp offers three all-flash platforms:

Control how you manage, secure, and move your data across the hybrid cloud. Extend the value of data across connected devices through analytics and the Internet of Things. Let NetApp help you harness the Data Fabric to:

Learn more about how NetApp All Flash FAS systems, NetApp SolidFire all-flash arrays, and the NetApp EF560 all-flash array can speed business decisions and raise your customer satisfaction.

Make the transition to flash fast and easy with the Flash 3-4-5 promotion. The promotion gives you: