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On-Premises Backup and Archive
Safeguard your data with enterprise-grade continuous data protection for NetApp-to-NetApp and heterogeneous deployments.

Key Point

  • Leverage on-premises or site-to-site data backup and recovery.
  • Enable application integration for delegated backup. Retain oversight.
  • Reduce backup times from hours or days to minutes.
  • Reduce disk capacity requirements by up to 90%.
  • Optimize data archiving while reducing total cost of ownership.

Choose NetApp backup and recovery solutions to safeguard your critical data. Drive operational efficiencies by reducing backup time, improving data recovery, and cutting infrastructure, tape, and administrative costs.

Direct backups between NetApp systems minimize the need for external infrastructure and appliances. Increase your application availability with our industry-leading ability to failover to a Snapshot copy. FlexClone technology leverages Snapshot copies for development and testing.

NetApp backups transfer only new or changed blocks-shrinking your backup windows, minimizing network traffic, and reducing disk capacity requirements by up to 90%. Because you're not moving or storing redundant data, you can back up more often while reducing your storage footprint.

NetApp data protection software leverages storage efficiency technologies like deduplication to reduce capacity requirements by up to 80%. Continuous data protection capabilities are built in to help you maximize availability and minimize risk for business-critical object stores and content-management applications.

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