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NetApp E2700 Hybrid Storage System
Gain Enterprise-Grade Reliability and Support with Cost-Effective Entry-Level Block Storage System




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Best For

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Solutions
  • NetApp Private Storage for Cloud
  • OpenStack
  • Oracle Solutions
  • SAP and SAP HANA
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Virtualization

Today, many small and medium-sized businesses and remote and branch offices seek new ways to manage growing data requirements with minimal cost and maintenance. Consistent performance delivery is an imperative. Yet, managing data is increasingly more complex-especially with limited resources, space, and power.

Entry-Level Storage with Enterprise-Grade Features

The NetApp E2700 storage system was designed as an entry-level storage system that can help you meet business requirements with reliable storage when you need it. Payas-you-grow flexibility makes the E2700 the ideal solution for companies of all sizes facing rapid, unpredictable growth.

Unlike other storage systems that add file or virtualization layers in the I/O data path, E2700 systems are purpose-built to optimize performance for mixed workloads. The E2700 delivers high bandwidth and IOPS while minimizing complexity and maintenance, power, and space requirements. The intuitive interface of the E2700 simplifies configuration and maintenance while providing enterprise-level storage capabilities to deliver consistent performance, data integrity, and security. Applicationaware plug-ins for Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Splunk, and Nagios environments simplify administration and lower storage management costs.

Realize affordable hybrid price and performance with greater than 99.999% availability: NetApp E2700 storage systems.

The affordable NetApp E2700 storage system provides general-purpose, mixed-workload storage for small and midsize organizations and remote or branch offices. Choose from three systems-4U/60, 2U/24, and 2U/12-and three forms of connectivity: FC, iSCSI, or SAS.

The E2700 integrates with VMware, Microsoft Exchange and SQL, Oracle, Splunk, Nagios, Puppet, and Chef applications to minimize ongoing management and maintenance.

  • Gain best-in-class performance for a wide range of mixed-workload environments, including database, email, streaming video, and disk-to-disk backup/archive.
  • Reduce cost and complexity of high-throughput data management through a configurable, easy-to-use-and-install architecture.
  • Attain streamlined high performance with low latency and high bandwidth and IOPS.
  • Scale capacity just in time to support business growth.

The E2700 uses the robust, easy-to-use SANtricity Storage Manager software, a powerful and intuitive software interface. This enables performance efficiency, dynamic drive rebalancing, RAID management, intelligent cache, and extended data protection-including data replication and disaster recovery.

Key Benefits

  • Optimized Performance
    Leverage the efficient performance design of the E2700 for a wide range of mixed workloads.
  • Application Integration
    Facilitate ongoing management and maintenance. Enable seamless integration into your environment through application-aware plug-ins for VMware, Oracle, and Microsoft and plug-ins and drivers for emerging applications, such as those from Splunk, Nagios, and OpenStack.
  • Ease of Use and Configuration
    Easily install and administer E-Series storage systems using the powerful NetApp® SANtricity® Storage Manager software, which provides an intuitive interface for administration.


Dynamic Disk Pools

Dynamic Disk Pools (DDPs) simplify the management of traditional RAID groups by distributing data parity information and spare capacity across a pool of drives. DDPs enhance data protection by enabling faster rebuilds after a drive failure, protecting against potential data loss if additional drive failures occur. DDPs also generally provide better system performance under failure during a drive rebuild than traditional RAID.

Dynamic Disk Pools eliminate complex RAID management. With DDPs, there are no idle spares to manage and you do not need to reconfigure RAID when expanding. DDPs also significantly reduce the impact on performance following failure of one or more drives when compared to traditional RAID.

A key feature of DDPs is the capability to dynamically rebalance data across all the drives in the pool when drives are added or removed. Unlike the rigid configuration of a traditional RAID volume group, which has a fixed number of drives, DDPs can flexibly accommodate 11 drives up to the maximum number of drives supported by the E2700 system. Multiple drives can be added or removed in a single operation. DDPs dynamically rebalance across the remaining (or additional) drives more quickly than traditional RAID. This faster rebalancing also applies to a rebuild case. If additional drive failures occur, faster rebuilds on failed drives reduce the exposure window for data loss from days to minutes.

Thin Provisioning: Improve Storage Efficiency by Up to 33%

Thin provisioning eliminates overprovisioning of storage by automatically allocating storage internally. This feature provisions only what is used while reporting full allocations to hosts, significantly lowering storage use and future storage purchases. This benefit enables you to significantly lower near-term storage costs and defer storage purchases. It also enables you to lower the total cost of ownership by reducing initial acquisition capacity and improving utilization. Thin provisioning is best for datasets that grow slowly but significantly over time and do not require maximum performance.

With thin provisioning you can:

  • Eliminate having to guess how much storage an application needs.
  • Put an end to purchasing storage based on inflated usage estimates.
  • Eliminate error-prone, emergency out-of-space activities.
  • Improve storage utilization rates by up to 33%.
  • Easily create volumes with one-time single-click management.
  • Set automatic growth policies.

Optimized for Performance Efficiency

The E2700 storage system optimizes price and performance to support any workload. High-performance file systems and dataintensive bandwidth applications benefit from the E2700's ability to sustain higher read and write throughput. Database-driven transactional applications benefit from the E2700's higher IOPS and low latency.

SSD Cache

The SSD read cache feature provides automated caching capability for “hot” high-reuse data by storing that data on higher-performance, lower-latency solid-state drives. This caching approach works in real time. Users do not have to set up complicated policies to define the trigger for data movement between tiers-you can simply set it and forget it. The E2700 SSD Cache can be expanded up to 5TB per storage system.

SANtricity Synchronous and Asynchronous Mirroring: Proven Data Replication and Disaster Recovery Protection

With NetApp SANtricity mirroring, customers now have a proven and an efficient disaster recovery method for maintaining access to business-critical data in site outages. SANtricity mirroring provides highly available data storage across a campus, across the state, or around the world. This mirroring simplifies managing data replication to meet the application service levels of both virtual and traditional environments. Asynchronous mode is available on both FC and IP networks; synchronous mode is available on FC networks only.

Modular Flexibility

The E2700 offers multiple form factors and drive technology options to best meet your requirements. The ultradense 60-drive system shelf supports up to 480TB in just 4U and is perfect for environments with vast amounts of data and limited floor space. The E2700 24-system shelf combines low power consumption and exceptional performance density with its cost-effective 2.5” drives. The E2700 12-drive shelf is a great fit for cost-conscious organizations that need to provide both performance and capacity. All three shelves support E2700 controllers or they can be used for expansion, enabling optimized configurations that best meet performance, capacity, and cost requirements.

Flexible Interface Options

The E2700 supports a complete set of host or network interfaces designed for either direct server attach or network environments. Multiple interface options, including FC, iSCSI (both optical and copper), and SAS, enable customers to connect with and protect existing investments in server and storage networks.

Maximum Storage Density

Today’s storage must keep up with continuous growth and meet the most demanding capacity requirements. The E2700 is designed for capacity-intensive environments that also require efficient data center space, power, and cooling utilization. The system’s ultradense, 60-drive, 4U disk shelf provides industryleading performance and space efficiency to reduce rack space by up to 60%. Its high-efficiency power supplies can lower power and cooling use by up to 40%.

Proven Data Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability

The E2700 is based on a field-proven architecture that delivers high reliability and greater than five-9s availability-often exceeding six-9s availability when NetApp best practices are followed. The E2700 is easy to install and use. It is optimized for performance efficiency and it fits into most application environments. The E2700 system offers excellent price to performance for small and medium-sized businesses, remote and branch offices, and workgroups within an enterprise.

The E2700 offers enterprise-level reliability, availability, and serviceability features:

  • NetApp SANtricity Snapshot® capabilities enable the creation of near-instantaneous, point-in-time copies or volume images for backup and file restoration. The system supports up to 512 point-in-time copies of data volumes. This feature minimizes network traffic while providing multiple Snapshot copies to improve recovery point objectives.
  • SANtricity Volume Copy creates clones of volumes, which may be used for data analytics or other purposes.
  • Data Assurance, based on the ANSI T10 PI standard, offers enterprise-grade data integrity and protects against silent data corruption.
  • The NetApp AutoSupport system proactively notifies users of potential issues before they occur

Intuitive Management

NetApp SANtricity Storage Manager software offers a combination of rich features and ease of use. Storage administrators appreciate the extensive configuration flexibility that allows optimal performance tuning and complete control over data placement. With its dynamic capabilities, SANtricity software supports on-the-fly expansion, reconfigurations, and maintenance without interrupting storage system I/O.

Application Integration

NetApp E-Series products are ideal for today's standard application environments, such as VMware and Microsoft Exchange, and databases, such as Oracle databases, and Microsoft SQL Server. It is also ideal for the growing open-source big data applications such as NoSQL databases, including Couchbase, Mongo DB, Hadoop, and Splunk, and softwaredefined data center initiatives such as OpenStack and Ceph. The system integrates with any environment with its configurable options. The E-Series also meets the reliability and sustained performance demands of transactional applications in which sustaining performance is critical.

The NetApp SANtricity Applications Plug-Ins for Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Splunk, and Nagios provide a consolidated view of NetApp E-Series systems, such as the E2700. These plug-ins enable users to monitor and manage their NetApp E-Series storage from the application. Doing so reduces the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to manually compile critical information from several different tools. This benefit streamlines the correlation of availability and performance problems across the entire set of IT components.

Disk Encryption (Licensed)

SANtricity Full Disk Encryption* (FDE) combines local key management with drive-level encryption to enable comprehensive security for data at rest that doesn't sacrifice performance or ease of use. Because all drives eventually leave the data center through redeployment, retirement, or service, it is reassuring to know that your sensitive data isn't leaving with them. SANtricity also supports FIPS-certified hard drives for security-sensitive customers.


All E-Series systems utilize “85% PLUS” power supplies, exceeding the EPA ENERGY STAR requirements of 80% efficiency.

The modular E-Series storage systems can be deployed in tens of thousands of different energy-efficient configurations. The following configurations are EPA ENERGY STAR certified:

  • E2712 up to 24 drives
  • E2724 up to 48 drives
  • E2760 up to 120 drives

* Hardware and software for at-rest data encryption is not available in certain countries including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other Eurasian Customs Union countries.


All data in this table applies to dual-controller configurations

  E2760 E2724 E2712
E2760 E2724 E2712
Maximum Raw Capacity 480TB with expansion 1.5PB 43.2TB with expansion 1.4PB 96TB with expansion 1.5PB
Maximum Disk Drives 192 with mixed expansion shelves
120 SSDs (limit of 25 per 60-drive shelf)
192 with expansion shelves
120 SSDss
192 with expansion shelves
Form Factor 4U60 drives (both 2.5" and 3.5") 2U/24 drives (2.5") 2U/12 drives (3.5")
Drives Supported
  • 2/3/4/6 NL-SAS 7.2K FDE/non-FDE
  • 8TB NL-SAS 7.2k non-FDE
  • 6TB NL-SAS 7.2K FIPS
  • 600/900GB, 1.2/1.8TB SAS 10K FDE/non-FDE
  • 1.8TB SAS 10K FIPS
  • 400/800GB, 1.6/3.2*TB SSD non-FDE
  • 800GB SSD FDE
  • 1.6TB SSD FIPS*
  • 600/900GB, 1.2/1.8TB SAS 10K FDE/non-FDE
  • 1.8TB SAS 10K FIPS
  • 400/800GB, 1.6/3.2*TB SSD non-FDE
  • 800GB SSD FDE
  • 1.6TB SSD FIPS*
  • 2/3/4/6 7.2K NL-SAS FDE/non-FDEE
  • 8TB NL-SAS 7.2k non-FDE
  • 6TB 7.2K NL-SAS FIPS
System Memory 8 or 16GB
Included Host I/O Ports 4 port 12Gb SAS
Optional Host I/O Ports 4 ports or 8 ports 10Gb iSCSI (copper)
4 ports or 8 ports 10Gb iSCSI (optical)
4 ports or 8 ports 16Gb FC
4 ports or 8 ports 12Gb SAS
Expansion Disk Shelves DE6600 (4U/60 drives) DE5600 (2U/24 drives) DE1600 (2U/12 drives)
Operating System & System Management SANtricity OS 8.25
SANtricity Storage Manager 11.25
High Availability Features Dual active controller with automated I/O path failover
Dynamic Disk Pools and traditional RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, and 10
Redundant, hot-swappable storage controllers, disk drives, power supplies and fans
Automatic DDP or RAID rebuild following a drive failure
Mirrored data cache with battery backup and de-stage to flash
SANtricity proactive drive health monitoring
Greater than 99.999% availability (with appropriate configuration and service plans)
Host Operating Systems Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Apple Mac OS, Oracle Solaris, HP-UX, CentOS Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux, IBM AIX, VMware ESX
Included Software Features SANtricity Mirroring
SANtricity Volume Copy
SANtricity Snapshot
SANtricity SSD Cache
SANtricity Thin Provisioning
Dynamic Disk Pools
Optional Software Features SANtricity Drive Encryption
System Capabilities Data assurance (T10-PI standard)
Dynamic volume expansion
Dynamic capacity expansion
Dynamic RAID-level migration
Dynamic segment size migration
System Event Monitor
Proactive drive heath monitoring
Online SANtricity OS upgrades & drive firmware upgrades
VMware vSphere Storage APIs - Array Integration (VAAI)
Microsoft Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX)
Application Plug-ins*** SANtricity Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager
SANtricity Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)
SANtricity Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
SANtricity Plug-in for VMware vCenter
SANtricity VASA Provider
SANtricity Storage Replication Adapter for VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
SANtricity Performance App for Splunk Enterprise
SANtricity Module for Puppet
SANtricity Module for Chef
SANtricity Plug-in for Nagios
Open Management OpenStack Swift on E-Series Storage
NetApp Cinder Driver
SANtricity Web Services Proxy (REST and SYMbol Web)
SANtricity SMI-S Provider
SANtricity PowerShell Toolkit
System Maximums Hosts: 256
Volumes: 512
Snapshot copies: 512
Mirrors: 32
E2760 E2724 E2712
System Environmental Specifications
Energy Star
  • All ENERGY STAR certified systems are dual power/cooling/controllers, FDE or non-FDE drives of any capacity, with any host interface option
  • NetApp E-Series E2712 up to 24 HDD drives w/DE1600 shelf
  • NetApp E-Series E2724 up to 48 HDD drives w/DE5600 shelf
  • NetApp E-Series E2760 up to 120 HDD drives w/DE6600 shelf
Height 7.0" (17.78 cm) 3.47" (8.81 cm) 3.4" (8.64 cm)
Width 19" (48.26 cm) 19" (48.26 cm) 19" (48.26 cm)
Depth (without cable management brackets) 32.5" (82.55 cm) 19.6" (49.78 cm) 21.75" (55.25 cm)
Weight (max) E2760 System Shelf: 232 lb (105.2 kg)
DE6600 Disk Shelf: 235.6 lb. (106.6 kg)
E2724 System Shelf: 57.32 lb (26 kg)
DE5600 Disk Shelf: 57.5 lb. (26.8 kg)
E2712 System Shelf: 59.52 lb (27 kg)
DE6100 Disk Shelf: 59.6 lb. (27.4 kg)
Compliance RoHS-compliant (PDF)
Safety/emissions/immunity Safety: EN60950, CB IEC60950, UL/CSA 60950, BIS, BSMI, EAEU (EAC), SONCAP, UKRSepro, UNBS, KEBS1, KSA1, NRCS1, S-Mark1

Emissions/Immunity: FCC Part 15 Class A, CE (which includes EN55022, EN55024 EN61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-3), AS/NZS CISPR 22, BSMI, KC2 3, VCCI, SABS1, ICES-003

  E2760 E2724 E2712
Power E2760 System Shelf E2724 System Shelf E2712 System Shelf
Typical Maximum Typical Maximum Typical Maximum
KVA 1.009 1.219 0.482 0.632 0.361 0.516
Watts 999 1206 477 626 358 511
BTU 3408 4117 1628 2134 1220 1744
Power DE6600 Disk Shelf DE5600 Disk Shelf DE1600 Disk Shelf
Typical Maximum Typical Maximum Typical Maximum
KVA 0.815 1.024 0.296 0.446 0.175 0.325
Watts 806 1014 293 442 174 322
BTU 2752 3460 1001 1507 593 1099

* Expected availability mid-2016
** All models are capable of reaching 192 disk drives when configured with intermixed drive shelves.
*** No-charge download from my
1 E5612, E5624, DE1600 and DE5600 configurations are not certified
2 12G SAS and 56G IB HIC E5612 and E5624 configurations are not certified
3 DE5600 configuration is not certified


Use the intuitive SANtricity Storage Manager interface to administer E7200 data storage systems running SANtricity OS.

NetApp SANtricity Storage Manager software lets you achieve maximum performance and utilization of your E2700 SAN storage systems running the SANtricity operating system.

SANtricity Storage Manager:

  • Offers extensive configuration flexibility and custom performance tuning
  • Features online administration
  • Simplifies storage management through an easy-to-use intuitive interface with wizards

The SANtricity OS:

  • Delivers best-in-class reliability with automated features, online configuration options, state-of-the-art RAID, proactive monitoring, and AutoSupport capabilities
  • Features extended data protection via Dynamic Disk Pools, Snapshot, mirroring, data-at-rest encryption*, and Data Assurance (T10-PI standard) to ensure data integrity and extensive diagnostic capabilities

The following table describes the standard SANtricity software features that are available with every E-Series system.

Feature Function Customer Benefit
SANtricity Storage Manager
Storage administration Manage the SANtricity OS and E-Series storage systems and EF-Series flash arrays. Intuitive GUI and task wizards automate functionality, making it easy to set up and operate the E-Series and EF-Series systems. It also provides access to the detailed configuration for experts wishing to optimize manually.
Enterprise Management Window See a combined overview of all E-Series and EF-Series systems, with consolidated host-level administration and alerts, plus access to individual storage system management. Easy-to-use consolidated view of all storage systems, with consolidated reporting and host management, speeds common high-level storage maintenance tasks. Respond quickly and easily to systems needing attention.
Array Management Window Manage individual storage systems, diagnose issues, and change configurations. Configure individual volume group attributes, define hosts and access rights, monitor system health and performance, and view event and performance logs. The Array Management Window makes it quick and easy to deliver storage value to your enterprise SAN environment.
Online management Manage all operations online. You can manage your E-Series and EF-Series systems as 'no scheduled downtime' systems. Save yourself the headaches of coordinating service windows while continuing to deliver storage business value.

SANtricity Operating System

Feature Function Customer Benefit
High Availability
Dual I/O path protection Sustain availability and load balancing in the event of path failures. Gain access resiliency, increase data availability, and load balance for performance by working around path HBA and connectivity faults.
Mirroring Get synchronous and asynchronous volume mirroring, with consistency groups. Protect against site failures through remote mirroring of critical data. For RPO of zero, synchronous mirroring is available for short distances, while asynchronous mirroring is available for longer distances without slowing local processing speeds.
Data Protection
Dynamic Disk Pools Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) enable dynamic rebalancing of drive-count changes and increased data protection. DDP significantly lowers data exposure during drive failure. It reconstructs data much faster, while protecting performance. Drive failures or additions become non-events.
RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 Multiple RAID levels offer the flexibility to optimize for your workloads-and they can be changed on the fly. Optimize for your workload performance. With E-Series systems, you can even change the RAID group or strip size while a volume stays online.
Data Assurance Support for T10-PI standard Data assurance, based on the ANSI T10-PI standard, offers enterprise-grade data integrity and protects against silent data corruption.
Proactive Drive Health Monitoring Detect issues before a drive fails. Proactive Drive Health Monitoring examines drive health and notifies administrators much earlier that a drive is having issues-allowing time for replacement before the drive affects the system.
Background media scans Background media scans proactively check drives for media defects and initiate repairs. Improve E-Series system reliability and robustness.
Snapshot and Views Create a point-in-time image of data or a set of related data volumes. Snapshot technology and Views provide a look into the data at a specific time, forming the basis for RPO, test and development, and other modifiable datasets.
Volume Copy Create a complete physical copy (clone) of a volume in a storage system. The clone volume is a unique entity that can be assigned to any host and used by applications that require a full point-in-time copy of production data (such as backup, application testing or development, information analysis, or data mining) without affecting the performance of the production volume.
Recovery Guru It provides troubleshooting assistance and procedure guidance. Recover your system faster in the unlikely event of an issue.
SSD Cache Achieve automatic serving of high-reference data by up to 5TB of SSD via data-driven caching. Data-driven caching accelerates applications while providing low-latency SSD access for highly referenced data.

Optional Software

Affordable, easy-to-buy add-on software is available to enhance your base-system functionality.

Feature Function Customer Benefit
Full Disk Encryption AES-256 encryption and simplified key management protect data throughout the drive's lifecycle without sacrificing performance. All drives leave the datacenter. With Full Disk Encryption, your data doesn't have to leave with them-and you also can perform secure instant erase for repurposing systems. SANtricity also supports FIPS-certified hard drives for security-sensitive customers.

* Hardware and software for at-rest data encryption is not available in certain countries including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other Eurasian Customs Union countries.


E2760 System Shelf and DE6600 Disk Shelf
E2760 System Shelf and DE6600 Disk Shelf

E2724 System Shelf and DE5600 Disk Shelf
E2724 System Shelf and DE5600 Disk Shelf

E2712 System Shelf and DE1600 Disk Shelf
E2712 System Shelf and DE1600 Disk Shelf

Front and Rear Views

Rear view of the E2700 controller

Rear view of the E2700 controller

  1. Management Network Port 1
  2. Port to connect to laptop during installation
  3. SAS Interconnect Channel 1
  4. SAS Interconnect Channel 2
  5. Serial connection port
  6. SAS Expansion Link 1 Fault LED
  7. SAS Expansion Link 1 Up LED
  8. Drive Expansion Port 1
  9. Drive Expansion Port 2
  10. Seven-segment codes


Download the NetApp E2700 Series Datasheet (.PDF)

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NetApp Products
NetApp E2700 Series
NetApp E2712 Hybrid Storage System
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NetApp E2724 Hybrid Storage System
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NetApp E2760 Hybrid Storage System
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