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NetApp FAS8000 Hybrid Storage Array
Scale-Out Storage for the Enterprise


FAS8040 and FAS8060
FAS8040 and FAS8060

NetApp Products
NetApp FAS8000 Series
NetApp FAS8020 Hybrid Storage Array
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NetApp FAS8040 Hybrid Storage Array
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NetApp FAS8060 Hybrid Storage Array
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NetApp FAS8060 EX Hybrid Storage Array
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Best For

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Solutions
  • NetApp Private Storage for Cloud
  • OpenStack
  • Oracle Solutions
  • SAP and SAP HANA
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Virtualization

As the role of technology has expanded to cover key business operations as well as back-office functions, IT leaders have had to rethink the way they architect storage. Traditional requirements such as storage uptime, scalability, and cost efficiency are still critical, but so are factors such as flash acceleration, cloud integration, unified support for SAN and NAS, and simplified data mining for competitive advantage.

Many enterprises struggle, held back by structural limitations in legacy storage and data architectures. Traditional storage arrays might deliver on basic needs, but are divided into separate silos or are incapable of meeting advanced service requirements and leveraging the cloud.

Accelerate business operations with unified scale-out storage

The demands of a data-driven business require a new approach to storage with an integrated combination of high-performance hardware and adaptive, scalable storage software. It needs to support existing workloads as well as adapt and scale quickly to address new applications and evolving IT models.

FAS8000 hybrid storage systems are engineered specifically to address these needs. Powered by NetApp ONTAP data management software, the FAS8000 series unifies your SAN and NAS storage infrastructure. When FAS8000 are clustered with NetApp AFF all-flash arrays and integrated with the cloud, you have the control to easily move your data to where it's needed for your business and place it in the storage environment that delivers the best combination of flash performance, storage capacity, and cost efficiency. With proven agility and data management capabilities, the FAS8000 has the flexibility to keep up with changing business needs while delivering on core IT requirements.

Accelerate business operations and respond easily to changing requirements with unified, scalable hybrid storage.

Adapt faster to changing business needs and achieve core IT requirements for uptime, scalability, and cost efficiency. The powerful NetApp FAS8000 Series hybrid storage systems are built for business-critical workloads that demand high performance (up to 4M IOPS), multi-PB scale, and leading flash integration.

  • Respond flexibly to changing business requirements
    Build a foundation for a data fabric that enables you to maintain control of your data as you grow-on premises and in the cloud. Deliver performance across a broad range of SAN and NAS workloads.
  • Streamline IT operations
    Leverage simplified management and proven cloud-provider integration to deploy the FAS8000 in your data center or hybrid cloud. Nondisruptive operations simplify long-term scaling and improve uptime.
  • Deliver superior TCO
    Increase utilization and improve long-term ROI by way of proven storage efficiency and price/performance. Leverage your existing investments in third-party storage arrays using NetApp FlexArray storage virtualization software to consolidate them behind the FAS8000.

NetApp Systems Cabinet

Key Benefits

  • Simplify Your Storage Environment
    Run SAN and NAS workloads with unified scale-out storage.
  • Accelerate Enterprise Applications
    Reduce latency and speed operations with up to 1.7PB of hybrid flash.
  • Maximize Uptime
    Eliminate planned downtime to add, upgrade, or retire storage with no disruptions.
  • Consolidate Infrastructure
    Scale up to 138PB, cluster with AFF all-flash systems, and integrate existing third-party storage arrays.
  • Optimize for the Hybrid Cloud
    Easily implement a service-oriented IT architecture that spans on-premises and cloud resources.

Introducing the FAS8000 Series

For many IT organizations, adding storage capacity can be disruptive. Most storage systems have pretty narrow limits and capabilities, so you end up with multiple storage systems, silos of storage, orphaned capacity, and greater management complexity. The FAS8000 solves this problem with unified scale-out storage that lets you scale your storage environment in the way that makes the most sense for your business needs. Flexible hybrid storage options let you provide an optimal level of acceleration for each workload.

Because the FAS8000 combines innovative hardware design with the proven capabilities of clustered Data ONTAP, industry-leading management capabilities, and unmatched support for well-known hypervisors, applications, and management and orchestration tools, it delivers the benefits of scale-out without sacrificing any of the capabilities that your operation depends on.

FAS8000 combines next-generation hardware with clustered Data ONTAP, OnCommand, and leading integration.
FAS8000 combines next-generation hardware with clustered Data ONTAP, OnCommand, and leading integration.

Scale Out and Scale Up

FAS is the only unified scale-out storage architecture. Like its predecessors, the FAS8000 supports both SAN and NAS protocols as needed, and the FAS8000 is the first FAS architecture designed specifically for clustered Data ONTAP. All FAS8000 models scale out to a maximum of 24 nodes.

The FAS8000 also offers significant scale-up capabilities. You can scale up FAS controllers as needed to meet your exact storage requirements by adding more capacity, by adding different types of media, or by installing Flash Cache intelligent caching or additional interface cards. You can upgrade from one model controller to another without disruption; NetApp customers have long appreciated these data-in-place "head" upgrades as a way to gain performance and capacity without disruptive data migration.

With FlexArray, a FAS8000 system can also incorporate existing EMC, HDS, and NetApp E-Series storage arrays as part of your scale-out cluster without necessitating the purchase of additional hardware.

The FAS8000 is designed to scale out, scale up, and incorporate existing arrays.
The FAS8000 is designed to scale out, scale up, and incorporate existing arrays.

Mix Generations and Eliminate Disruptive Tech Refresh

If you've got an existing FAS cluster, you can combine existing nodes with FAS8000 models. This means that you can continue to grow your cluster or make the transition to the latest controller technology, all without taking any downtime or disrupting important business operations. (When mixing nodes of different generations, cluster-node limits are dictated by the limits of the least capable node.)


Unlock the power of flash

Flash-accelerated FAS8000 hybrid storage systems deliver twice the performance of our previous generation FAS storage, boosting throughput, lowering latency, and meeting stringent service levels.

In hybrid FAS8000 configurations, flash functions as a selfmanaging virtual storage tier with up to 144TB of flash per HA pair and 1.7PB per cluster. Hot data is automatically promoted to flash in real time, so you get the full benefit of flash performance. ONTAP software on the FAS8000 simplifies flash management, resulting in more powerful hybrid storage.

The AFF family of all-flash arrays is optimized for applications that require rich data management as well as high performance and consistent low latency. See the AFF datasheet for details.

Scale and adapt to meet changing needs

Optimize and accelerate your storage environment as performance and capacity requirements change. Scale up by adding capacity, adding flash acceleration, and upgrading controllers. Scale out by growing from two nodes up to a 24 node cluster with 138PB of capacity, including combinations of different FAS and AFF models.

With nondisruptive addition and replacement of storage systems and components, scaling occurs without maintenance windows or the challenge of coordinating downtime across teams. Perform your updates during regular work hours.

Achieve unparalleled availability and nondisruptive operations

FAS8000 enterprise storage is engineered to meet demanding availability requirements. All models are designed to deliver 99.9999% availability or greater through a comprehensive approach that combines highly reliable hardware, innovative software, and sophisticated service analytics.

Software and firmware updates, hardware repair and replacement, load balancing, and tech refresh happen without planned downtime. NetApp Integrated Data Protection technologies protect your data, accelerate recovery, and integrate with leading backup applications for easier management.

Advanced service analytics software prevents issues from becoming outages. Risk signatures are constantly monitored, and your administrators and/or NetApp service staff are alerted to proactively address issues that might affect operations.

NetApp MetroCluster expands data protection to eliminate risk of data loss by synchronously mirroring data between locations for continuous availability of information. A MetroCluster storage array can exist in a single data center or in two different data centers that are located across a campus, across a metropolitan area, or in different cities. No matter what happens, your data can be protected from loss and is continuously available to meet the most business-critical needs.

Get more from existing storage array investments

Simplify your IT operations and deliver more value from existing third-party arrays by using them as additional storage capacity behind FAS8000 systems. FlexArray virtualization software running on FAS8000 extends ONTAP to include storage capacity from EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, and NetApp E-Series arrays. Consolidate management of your existing storage to increase efficiency, add support for SAN and NAS workloads, and provide superior data management functionality.

Optimize hybrid cloud deployment

Organizations today are focusing on service-oriented IT architectures where cloud IT models are leveraged to enhance return on investment and assets. FAS8000 running ONTAP is optimized for private and hybrid cloud with secure multitenancy, QoS, nondisruptive operations, and easily defined tiers of service.

A FAS8000 tightly integrated with the industry standard OpenStack cloud infrastructure enables an organization to build a private cloud that delivers a leading service-oriented IT architecture and meets the demanding needs of enterprise applications.

For organizations that need an enterprise-class hybrid cloud with predictable performance and availability, the FAS8000 can be used in a NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for Cloud solution. With NPS for Cloud you can directly connect to multiple clouds using a private, high-bandwidth, low-latency connection. Connect to industry-leading clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or SoftLayer and switch between them at any time, all while maintaining complete control of your data on your dedicated, private FAS8000. You get the elasticity of the public cloud and protect your data with NetApp technologies that you understand and trust.

For maximum flexibility, ONTAP Cloud provides data portability in a software-defined storage version of ONTAP that runs in AWS. Providing the storage efficiency, availability, and scalability of ONTAP, it allows quick and easy movement of data between your on-premises FAS8000 and AWS environments with NetApp SnapMirror® data replication software.

Build the right long-term platform

When it comes to long-term storage infrastructure investments, it is critical to focus on flexibility for adapting to future requirements, simplification of your storage environment, and total cost of ownership. FAS8000 provides a significant price/performance benefit-up to two times that of the previous generation. Plus it delivers industry-leading storage efficiency technologies such as deduplication, compression, compaction, thin provisioning, and space-efficient Snapshot copies to reduce your cost per effective gigabyte of storage.

In a data-driven business, you also need the ability to leverage data for competitive advantage and to assign resources dynamically for more effective operations. The NetApp OnCommand storage management software portfolio is composed of a range of products for use with the FAS8000, including automation, integration, device-level management, and enterprise storage resource management.


  FAS8080 EX FAS8060 FAS8040 FAS8020
FAS8080 EX FAS8060 FAS8040 FAS8020
NAS Scaling: 1-24 nodes (12 HA pairs)
Maximum drives 17,280 14,400 8,640 5,760
Maximum capacity 138PB 115PB 69PB 46PB
Maximum Flash Pool capacity 1728TB 864TB 576TB 288TB
Maximum memory 3072GB 1536GB 768GB 576GB
SAN Scaling: 1-8 nodes (4 HA pairs)
Maximum drives 5,760 4,800 2,880 1,920
Maximum capacity 46PB 38PB 23PB 15PB
Maximum Flash Pool capacity 576TB 288TB 192TB 96TB
Maximum memory 1024GB 512GB 256GB 192GB
Cluster interconnect 2, 4, or 6 10GbE 2 or 4 10GbE 2 or 4 10GbE 2 10GbE
Per HA Pair Specifications (Active-Active Dual Controller)
Maximum capacity 11520TB 9600TB 5760TB 3840TB
Maximum Flash Pool capacity 144TB 72TB 48TB 24TB
Maximum drives 1,440 1,200 720 480
Controller form factor Dual enclosure HA;
2 controllers in two 6U chassis; total of 12U
Dual-enclosure HA; 2 controllers and 2 IOXMs in two 6U chassis; total of 12U or
Single-enclosure HA; 2 controllers in single 6U chassis
Single-enclosure HA; 2 controllers in single 6U chassis Single-enclosure HA;
2 controllers in single 3U chassis
Memory 256GB 128GB 64GB 48GB
Maximum Flash Cache 24TB 8TB 4TB 3TB
Maximum Flash Pool 144TB 72TB 48TB 24TB
Combined flash total 144TB 72TB 48TB 24TB
PCIe expansion slots 24 8 or 24 8 4
Onboard I/O: UTA2
(10GbE/FCoE, 16Gb FC)
8 8 8 4
Onboard I/O: 10GbE 8 8 8 4
Onboard I/O: GbE 8 8 8 4
Onboard I/O: 6Gb SAS 8 8 8 4
Storage networking supported FC; FCoE; iSCSI; NFS; pNFS; CIFS/SMB
OS version ONTAP 8.2.2 RC1 or higher ONTAP 8.2.1 RC2 or higher
High-availability features Alternate Control Path (ACP); Ethernet-based service processor and ONTAP management interface; redundant hot-swappable controllers, cooling fans, power supplies, and optic
Supported configurations

Hardware cluster configurations:

  • Single-node cluster
  • Two-node switchless or switched cluster
  • Clusters of HA pairs

MetroCluster configurations for synchronous replication:

  • 2-node
  • 4-node: two x 2-node switched or switchless clusters with fabric-attached (switched) storage; 4 nodes total: a 2-node active-active cluster at each site)
  • 8-node (NAS-only): four x 2-node switched or switchless clusters with fabric-attached (switched) storage; 8 nodes total: a 4-node cluster at each site)

Consult the Interoperability Matrix Tool for FAS8000 support on earlier versions of ONTAP software.

Disk shelves supported DS2246 (2U; 24 drives, 2.5" SFF)
DS4246 (4U; 24 drives, 3.5" LFF)
DS4486 (4U; 48 drives, 3.5" LFF)
DS4243 (4U; 24 drives, 3.5" LFF) supported for upgrades only
DS14 disk shelves (mk2-AT, mk4) are supported for upgrades only
Maximum RAID group sizes RAID-TEC (triple parity, ONTAP 9)
  • SSDs and Performance HDDs: 29 (26 data disks plus 3 parity disks)
  • Capacity HDDs: 21 (18 data disks plus 3 parity disks)
  • SSDs and Performance HDDs: 28 (26 data disks plus 2 parity disks)
  • Capacity HDDs: 20 (18 data disks plus 2 parity disks)
  • SSDs and Performance HDDs: 14 (13 data disks plus 1 parity disk)
  • Capacity HDDs: 7 (6 data disks plus 1 parity disk)
RAID 6 + RAID 1 or RAID 4 + RAID 1 (SyncMirror)
Operating systems supported Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows XP, Linux, Oracle Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS, VMware, ESX
Max. number of LUNs FAS8020/FAS8040: 8,192 (ONTAP 9 and 8.3.x)
FAS8060/FAS8080: 12,288 (ONTAP 9 and 8.3.x)
7-mode, all FAS8000 systems: 2048
Number of supported SAN hosts FAS8020/FAS8040: 4,096 (ONTAP 9 and 8.3.x)
FAS8060/FAS8080: 8,192 (ONTAP 9 and 8.3.x)
7-mode, all FAS8000 systems: Up to 512 hosts per HA pair
FlexVol volumes (In hardware clusters) Up to 1,000 per controller; (7-mode) up to 500 per controller
Snapshot copies Up to 255,000 per controller
Maximum volume size 100TB 100TB 100TB 70TB
Maximum aggregate size 400TB 400TB 324TB 324TB
Maximum Port Count (Includes Integrated Ports and PCIe Expansion Slots)
FC target ports (16Gb autoranging) 64 64 24 12
FC target ports (4Gb or 8Gb) 64 64 40 20
FCoE target ports, UTA (max.) 32 32 24 12
10GbE ports (max.) 64 64 32 16
GbE ports (max.) 72 72 40 20
6Gb/12Gb SAS ports (max.) 56 56 40 20
FC initiator ports (max.) 72 72 40 20
Maximum Adapters
Dual 10GbE (optical or copper) 16 16 8 4
Dual 10Gbase-T (RJ-45,CAT 6A-E) 16 16 8 4
Quad GbE (copper) 16 16 8 4
Dual 10GbE/FCoE 16Gb FC Unified Target Adapter 2 (UTA2, optical or copper for 10GbE/FCoE deployments, optical for 16Gb FC) 24 24 8 4
8Gb FC target 16 16 8 4
Flash Cache Performance Acceleration Module (2TB) 12 4 2 0
Flash Cache Performance Acceleration Module (1TB) 24 8 4 2
Flash Cache Performance Acceleration Module (512GB) 24 16 8 4
Quad 6Gb SAS storage HBA 12 8 8 4
Quad 12Gb SAS storage HBA 12 8 8 4
Quad 4Gb FC storage/tape HBA (fiber) 16 8 8 4
FAS8080 EX FAS8060 FAS8040 FAS8020
System Environmental Specifications
Thermal Rating (at 200V) 2,880 BTU (typical, per enclosure)
3,252 BTU (worst case, per enclosure)
2,031 BTU (typical)
2,362 BTU (worst case)
1,495 BTU (typical)
1,843 BTU (worst case)
1,205 BTU (typical)
1,450 BTU (worst case)
Weight (heaviest) 115.08lb. 121.47lb. 119.49lb. 74.08lb.
Height 12U (6U per enclosure) 6U or 12U 6U 3U
Width 19" IEC rack-compliant (17.6", 44.7cm)
Depth 24.3" (28.9" with cable management)
Operating temperature, altitude, and relative humidity 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F); at <= 3,000m (at <= 10,000') elevation; 20% to 80% relative humidity, noncondensing (28°C wet bulb temperature)
Nonoperating temperature and relative humidity -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F); 5% to 95% relative humidity, noncondensing, in original container
Operating acoustic noise FAS8020:
  • Declared sound power (LwAd) per ISO 9296: 7.8 Bel
  • Sound pressure (LpAm) (bystander positions): 62.6 dB
  • Declared sound power (LwAd) per ISO 9296: 7.6 Bel
  • Sound pressure (LpAm) (bystander positions): 62.4 dB
FAS8080 EX:
  • Declared sound power (LwAd) per ISO 9296: 7.5 Bel @ normal operating conditions (at 23°C and at sea level)
Compliance RoHS-compliant (PDF)
Safety/emissions/immunity Safety: EN 60950, CE, CSA 60950, UL 60950, CB IEC60950-1 (all national deviations), EN60825-1, IRAM, CU, BIS, BSMI, SONCAP, NRCS LOA (South Africa)

Emissions/Immunity: FCC Part 15 Class A, ICES-03, CE, KCC, VCCI, AS/NZS CISPR 22, EN55022, EN55024, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, SABS COC (South Africa), BSMI
NetApp Systems Cabinet
Rack space 42U
Dimensions (height/width/depth) 78.75" (200cm)/23.6" (60cm)/44.3" (112.5cm)
Minimum cabinet clearances for airflow 10" (25.4cm) front and 12" (30.5cm) rear
Minimum cabinet clearances for service 30" (76.3cm) front and rear, 12" top
AC power 200 to 240VAC
Current 30A single-phase or 3-phase
Weight (empty) 307lb. (138kg)
Features Split rear door with cable egress opening, reversible front door (left or right handed)


FAS8000 systems feature the NetApp ONTAP software and advanced data management and data protection tools.

NetApp FAS8000 software products deliver leading data management, storage efficiency, and high performance. Optional extended-value software products provide advanced capabilities including instant data recovery, instant cloning, data replication, disk-to-disk backup, and application-aware backup and recovery.

NetApp FAS8000 Series
Features and Software Included with the ONTAP Software Efficiency: FlexVol, deduplication, compression, compaction1, and thin provisioning

Availability: MetroCluster and Multipath I/O

Data protection: RAID-TEC1, RAID-DP, and Snapshot

Performance: Storage QoS

Management: OnCommand Unified Manager, OnCommand Performance Manager, OnCommand Workflow Automation, OnCommand API Services, OnCommand System Manager
Extended Value Software (optional)
  • FlexArray storage virtualization software
  • OnCommand Insight
  • SnapLock: Compliance software for write once, read many (WORM) protected data
  • Storage Protocols (purchase each storage protocol you require)

A Premium Bundle is available for purchase with FAS8000 systems that includes:

  • SnapRestore: Restore entire Snapshot copies in seconds
  • SnapMirror: Simple, efficient, and flexible disaster recovery
  • FlexClone: Instant virtual copies of databases or virtual machines
  • SnapManager suite and SnapCenter: Application- and virtual machine-aware backup, recovery, and cloning for enterprise applications
  • SnapVault: Disk-to-disk backup software for complete backups and online archives to primary or secondary storage in minutes instead of hours or days

1 Available with ONTAP 9


FAS8020 Front View
FAS8020 Front View

FAS8020 Rear View
FAS8020 Rear View

FAS8040 and FAS8060 Front View
FAS8040 and FAS8060 Front View

FAS8040 and FAS8060 Rear View
FAS8040 and FAS8060 Rear View

FAS8020 Ports View
FAS8020 Ports View

FAS8040 and FAS8060 Ports View
FAS8040 and FAS8060 Ports View


Download the NetApp FAS8000 Series Datasheet (.PDF)

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NetApp Products
NetApp FAS8000 Series
NetApp FAS8020 Hybrid Storage Array
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NetApp FAS8040 Hybrid Storage Array
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NetApp FAS8060 Hybrid Storage Array
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NetApp FAS8060 EX Hybrid Storage Array
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