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Hybrid Cloud
Embrace hybrid cloud on your terms. Maintain data control and choice using the Data Fabric enabled by NetApp.

Hybrid CloudEmpower your business with a consistent set of enterprise-class data services across your hybrid cloud environment. The Data Fabric enabled by NetApp provides the data control you need, while enabling the choice in cloud providers you want.



Key Point

  • Leverage a single set of data services throughout your hybrid cloud.
  • Maintain control of your data everywhere.
  • Choose from among 300+ NetApp cloud service provider partners.
  • Move with ease to hyperscale providers such as AWS and Azure.
  • Pay as you go for Data ONTAP in the cloud.

A New Era for the Cloud

Today's IT organizations are under incredible pressure to respond rapidly to changing business needs. As organizations move to a cloud delivery model to reduce costs and increase flexibility, they shift from being builders and operators of their own data centers to being brokers of services that span both private and public cloud resources. The public cloud is rapidly becoming part of many IT organizations' strategy, with hundreds of cloud service providers and several hyperscale cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google, and VMware, offering a range of infrastructure and application services to complement a private cloud strategy.

NetApp enables organizations to confidently manage and maintain control of their data across any cloud, accelerating innovation and IT responsiveness. By providing a single data fabric that spans private cloud, service providers, and hyperscale cloud providers, NetApp allows organizations to optimize IT delivery by integrating enterprise-class data management and control with the flexibility, speed, and economics of the public cloud.

Maintaining control in the cloud

The flexibility and economics of public cloud computing appeal to many organizations because public cloud computing allows them to become more nimble and responsive to a dynamic and growing business environment. At the same time, however, organizations need to feel confident that they can move to the public cloud without introducing new risk.

Although cloud compute resources can be easily dialed up and down, data has “gravity,” making it more challenging to provide the same level of flexibility in a cloud context. The distance between data and compute impacts performance, but moving data closer to compute or to other clouds can be time consuming and inefficient with data formats that are often incompatible across cloud resources. These challenges constrain cloud use by limiting choice, increasing cost, and impeding IT responsiveness.

Traditional data center environments enable IT to control every aspect of their data, from performance and security to data protection and governance. As the public cloud is added to the portfolio of services, it is critical for IT to be able to maintain control of data across a hybrid cloud environment. Organizations evaluating public cloud resources also need the flexibility to avoid being locked into a particular cloud provider or cloud management solution.

In addition, IT organizations must learn to support a modern constituency of end users, such as developers, who are eager to create new, flexible, and responsive IT resource environments and who see the public cloud as a means to achieve this goal on their own.

In this hybrid cloud approach, seamless data management across cloud resources is critical to enable IT organizations to complement a private cloud with a public cloud strategy that doesn't introduce new risk, complicate policies, or result in the loss of control of valuable business information.

Delivering seamless data management and control

NetApp is building on its proven portfolio of cloud solutions so that organizations can take the cloud to the next level. NetApp's unique combination of capabilities and partnerships allows enterprise organizations to embrace the hybrid cloud with seamless data management and full control of data across private cloud, cloud service provider, and hyperscale cloud provider resources. At the heart of this data fabric is a universal data platform that allows dynamic data portability and gives customers an extensive choice of technologies, applications, and cloud providers with which to deliver cloudbased services to their end users.

Universal data platform

NetApp simplifies data management and provides consistent data services across clouds with clustered Data ONTAP, delivering secure multitenancy, proven storage efficiency, seamless scalability, and nondisruptive operations. NetApp further extends the ubiquity of Data ONTAP, already the world's #1 storage operating system, by enabling it to run on a broad range of third-party hardware.

NetApp Storage Virtual Machine technology breaks down the physical barriers that bind data to specific hardware. This allows organizations to deploy Data ONTAP across cloud resources in a variety of forms, including on the NetApp unified and optimized FAS platform, within the FlexPod converged infrastructure, on third-party storage arrays with V-Series, or as a virtual storage appliance running Data ONTAP in the cloud within a Software-Defined Storage framework.

Only NetApp's versatile singlestorage platform can be deployed across all types of private and public cloud resources on a variety of vendor hardware platforms to eliminate format and compatibility barriers to data movement. With management they are familiar with across all instances of Data ONTAP, organizations can confidently leverage Data ONTAP's proven performance to improve operational efficiency, lower cost, and reduce risk in their enterprise cloud environments.

Dynamic data portability

With Data ONTAP as the universal data platform across their clouds, organizations will be able to respond instantly to ever-changing demands with NetApp's integrated data portability technologies, which dynamically move data and applications among cloud resources and providers. By leveraging the world's #1 storage replication software, NetApp SnapMirror technology, and other innovative technologies for on-the-fly translation between hypervisor environments, users will be able to quickly and efficiently move data between cloud resources. This will give them the flexibility to maintain choice among best-in-class cloud providers and to balance workloads across any cloud resource.

NetApp is the only data management provider that gives customers the ability to quickly and reliably shift between capital and operational expenditures. With NetApp, organizations can use on-premises private cloud storage in a capex model and easily shift to and from an opex model as data is moved, leveraging the flexibility and economics of public cloud compute and applications. NetApp's data-portability capabilities also allow organizations to easily replicate data between private or public cloud resources for integrated data protection and innovative disaster recovery.

With NetApp's universal data platform and dynamic data portability, organizations can remove barriers between private and public clouds, creating a reliable data fabric that enables data stewardship to be maintained across all resources.

Extensive Customer Choice

Further amplifying the value of the cloud data fabric is the unprecedented level of choice that organizations have to deploy and manage NetApp cloud solutions. With NetApp, organizations can choose from a broad ecosystem of technology solutions and cloud provider options when deciding where, how, and with whom to leverage clustered Data ONTAP throughout the cloud. Organizations can build the foundation of their private cloud environments with any of the leading virtualization frameworks, including those from VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Oracle, and Red Hat.

From a cloud management perspective, NetApp partners with all of the leading orchestration and automation providers, including VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, HP, IBM, BMC, CA, and Cisco, and works with open source initiatives including OpenStack and CloudStack. NetApp's commitment to open source and our leadership position in these communities are key components in enabling a best-in-class approach when deploying the cloud.

As organizations consider where and with whom to leverage Data ONTAP in the public cloud, they can choose from over 300 NetApp based cloud services delivered by over 175 service providers around the globe; these providers include OBS, Verizon Terremark, AT&T, Rackspace, ACS, and T-Systems. NetApp further extends choice in the public cloud by being the only major storage supplier to partner with Amazon Web Services, establishing a cornerstone for further collaboration with a broader set of hyperscale cloud providers. With the versatility of Data ONTAP, organizations can choose how to deploy the universal data platform among multiple clouds, including Data ONTAP running on optimized NetApp storage, running on third-party storage, and as a virtual storage appliance in a cloud. All of these options, when combined, create a powerful framework for IT organizations to create innovative solutions among multiple, otherwise disparate cloud resources. They also allow best-in-class flexibility for seamless data management and preservation of control in a hybrid cloud environment.

In addition, organizations can team with NetApp Professional Services and a wide choice of partners to realize more quickly the benefits of Data ONTAP and increase the return on their storage and cloud investments.

Start with a Proven Foundation

Private cloud solutions
NetApp is a market leader in helping customers deploy private cloud solutions in the data center. With a broad portfolio of technologies and solutions forged from strong alliances with a full spectrum of leading vendors, NetApp enables organizations to deliver their own IT services with greater cost savings, utilization, and efficiency. NetApp's technology innovation and alliance partnerships for the private cloud include:

  • NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP- The foundation of proven storage efficiency, seamless scalability, and nondisruptive operations.
  • FlexPod-The converged infrastructure platform of choice, delivered with our alliance partner Cisco, that streamlines the deployment and management of server, networking, and storage.
  • NetApp Storage Solution for VMware Private Cloud-A storage platform that enhances the full value of VMware virtualization and cloud solutions for the data center.
  • NetApp Storage Solution for Microsoft Private Cloud-Microsoft named NetApp its 2013 Server Partner of the Year and 2012 Private Cloud Partner of the Year.
  • Cloud Management Solutions- These enable NetApp storage and data management to be fully integrated with leading cloud orchestration and automation software platforms; we also continue to take a leadership role in opensource options such as OpenStack.

Cloud service provider solutions
To complement our portfolio of private cloud solutions, NetApp enables a global ecosystem of public cloud service providers that deliver a range of cloud services to the enterprise data center. Leveraging a similar set of solutions found in the private cloud, with clustered Data ONTAP and FlexPod at the core, NetApp and its service provider partners have created the means for enterprise organizations to take advantage of the benefits of the public cloud through easy portability, provider choice, and consistent data services. The NetApp Partner Program for Service Providers includes:

  • Over 175 service providers throughout the world who deliver services built on the NetApp cloud data infrastructure. This enables the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services for both the cloud provider and its customers.
  • More than 300 NetApp based cloud services that are delivered to enterprise organizations, including storage, infrastructure, desktop, backup, disaster recovery, database, and business applications as a service.

Hyperscale cloud provider solutions
NetApp also enables customers to fully embrace the benefits of hyperscale cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS). With a growing interest in and often mandates from IT leadership to adopt hyperscale cloud services, organizations are eager to leverage the flexibility and economics of large-scale cloud computing with the management and control of enterpriseclass storage. NetApp is at the forefront of enabling the movement to the hyperscale cloud by collaborating with AWS and offering NetApp Private Storage for AWS. This solution:

  • Couples the power of NetApp clustered Data ONTAP with AWS compute and storage capabilities for on-demand performance computing, efficient disaster recovery, and optional multitiered backup and recovery
  • Allows bidirectional replication of data between a private cloud and an AWS Direct Connect data center, so organizations can leverage hyperscale cloud computing while retaining full control and portability of their business information

Embrace the Cloud with Confidence

Cloud solutions from NetApp and its extensive cloud partner ecosystem take the worry and complexity out of managing and maintaining control of data across private and public cloud resources, fostering greater innovation and IT responsiveness.

  • Start with a private cloud or a NetApp based public cloud and easily evolve to a hybrid cloud while retaining the proven efficiency, availability and scalability benefits of clustered Data ONTAP.
  • Respond instantly to ever-changing business demands with data portability technologies that allow data and workloads to move seamlessly in the cloud.
  • Choose best-in-class technologies and providers to create the optimal cloud data fabric to best support diverse workloads.

Cloud Services Built on NetApp:

Key Point

  • Accelerate time to market with on-demand infrastructure.
  • Liberate administrative resources by outsourcing non-core applications.
  • Reduce IT capital requirements with a pay-as-you-go expense model.
  • Improve data protection with disk-based backup and disaster recovery services.
  • Leverage reliable and secure cloud services from NetApp partners.

Augment your private cloud to deliver IT as a service (ITaaS) by using innovative cloud services built on NetApp.

External cloud services play an increasing role in your IT plans. NetApp can help facilitate your evolution to the cloud.

We've developed a global network of world-class service-provider partners that deliver a comprehensive portfolio of cloud services built on NetApp technology.

chieve the enhanced flexibility and efficiency of cloud computing by working with NetApp service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, Century Link, SoftLayer and SunGard.

These and other partners offer a spectrum of cloud services built on NetApp technology, including file and object storage, infrastructure, desktop, backup, disaster recovery, messaging and collaboration, and SAP - all delivered as-a-service.

We can work with you to understand your requirements and connect you with the right service provider to meet your cloud business requirements.

Amazon Web Services:

Key Point

  • Accelerate business transformation with cloud industry leaders.
  • Run backup, archive, and elastic workloads more efficiently.
  • Speed migration to the cloud for high performance business applications.
  • Bring Shadow IT into the corporate IT mainstream.
  • Deploy a data fabric to accelerate, optimize, and control your hybrid cloud.

Transform your enterprise faster with seamless hybrid cloud from NetApp and Amazon Web Services.

The pace of change in business and IT is relentless-to stay on top, you need to focus on agility. NetApp and Amazon Web Services bring you a portfolio of flexible hybrid cloud solutions to help you meet business objectives in a dynamic world.

Choose from a line of solutions that will help you innovate faster, optimize your hybrid IT resources for efficiency and business impact, and fulfill your responsibilities for data stewardship:

  • NetApp Private Storage for AWS-Reap cloud compute benefits for workloads that demand maximum performance, scale, availability, or control.
  • NetApp Cloud ONTAP for AWS-Enhance AWS cloud storage with the power of enterprise data management. NetApp AltaVault -Solve backup and archive headaches with cloud-integrated storage.
  • NetApp StorageGRID Webscale-Build scalable, durable object storage across your premises and AWS.

The Challenge

The pace of change in business and IT is relentless-to stay on top, today's leaders must modernize IT to gain agility. For many executives, instant, elastic, and affordable resources from Amazon Web Services (AWS) have become too attractive to ignore. Some companies have even instituted AWS and cloud mandates for their IT organizations.

The use of cloud can transform an enterprise. But to realize the full benefits, the organization must be confident that the transformation comes without increasing complexity and risk. How should IT store, manage, and protect data while it uses the cloud? How do you integrate the cloud with on-premises environments? How can you overcome these challenges without endless planning sessions that ruin cloud agility?

The Solution: Transform Your Enterprise Faster with NetApp and AWS

NetApp partners with AWS to bring you a flexible line of hybrid cloud solutions that help meet business objectives in a changing world. Whether you're considering AWS to meet a cloud-first mandate, extend existing workloads to the cloud, or match resources to utilization and reduce costs, NetApp can help you in the following ways.

Accelerate innovation, time to market, and your cloud on-ramp

  • Use AWS for more apps and workloads. Run backup, archival, and elastic workloads more efficiently across a hybrid cloud.
  • Move to the cloud faster with lower costs and risks. Get started quickly with a pay-as-you-go offering from the AWS Marketplace; it's easy to upgrade or downsize as your business needs and requirements change.
  • Save time and minimize training for IT staff. Use the same proven data management tools for AWS, hybrid cloud, and on-premises storage.

Optimize your resources for efficiency and business impact

  • Reduce costs and save time. Store and move less data during your cloud transformation and on an ongoing basis, thanks to NetApp storage efficiency features such as compression and deduplication.
  • Move data where it has the most value and achieve optimal cost. Select the right AWS and NetApp infrastructure and then quickly move, manage, or sync data between the cloud and on-premises storage.

Maximize data stewardship

  • Broaden your security, compliance, and sovereignty capabilities by combining NetApp and AWS.
  • Control your data with cloud native, hybrid cloud, and on-premises data storage solutions for AWS.
  • Encrypt data at rest or in motion to or from the cloud.

NetApp solutions for AWS.
NetApp solutions for AWS.

Run Elastic Workloads on NetApp and AWS

NetApp offers two options for organizations that need primary file storage for elastic workloads, such as business and web apps, development and testing, analytics, scientific computing, and production workloads or disaster recovery (DR).

Get started quickly with NetApp Cloud ONTAP
It can be difficult to justify a capex purchase for a new project. For superior agility, store your data in AWS cloud with the NetApp Cloud ONTAP® storage operating system. You can leverage the speed and flexibility of AWS for your compute and storage needs and to get up and running quickly.

Enhance cloud storage with the power of enterprise data management
NetApp data management and storage efficiency enhance service levels, save time for IT, and reduce storage and management costs. For example, with Cloud ONTAP, you can:

  • Save up to 90% on storage capacity with NetApp spaceefficiency technologies.
  • Run traditional enterprise apps written for file storage and NAS in the cloud, without rewriting them.
  • Provide better multiregional business continuity and DR at a lower cost.
  • Pay for what you need, when you need it.

Get your storage environment running in minutes
Just point and click to deploy Cloud ONTAP from the AWS Marketplace. It's easy when you use OnCommand Cloud Manager, a free cloud storage management environment from NetApp. You will receive an enterprise storage system with the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP® operating system running on top of Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) cloud storage with Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2).

Gain cloud compute benefits for demanding apps and workloads with NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Many enterprise apps and workloads demand extremely high performance, scale, availability, or control. You may be required by law or by company policies to meet the strictest possible compliance, privacy, security, or sovereignty requirements. This doesn’t mean that these apps and workloads have to stay on premises.

NPS for AWS puts your data “next to” AWS cloud in tier 1 data centers such as Equinix, eircom, and e-shelter with connectivity provided by AWS Direct Connect-a secure, dedicated, highspeed connection that outperforms the Internet.

By combining dedicated enterprise storage with AWS cloud compute, you get the benefits of both with fewer tradeoffs. Your AWS compute feels local while your data is protected. NPS for AWS lets you do the following.

Use Amazon EC2 without sacrificing performance, availability, or control

  • Cut compute costs for variable workloads that require hundreds of thousands of input/output operations per second. • Achieve the same high availability and comparable performance to that received with NetApp storage on premises1.
  • Connect to new clouds any time, without moving your data2.

Meet the strictest data compliance, privacy, and sovereignty requirements

  • Maximize data stewardship by owning your storage, or use an opex-only managed service from a NetApp partner.
  • Make data sovereignty a nonissue by knowing where your data resides at all times.
  • Gain superior physical security from our tier 1 data center partners to meet the strictest requirements.

Public clouds offer flexibility. Private clouds offer control. NetApp solutions for AWS are designed to offer both with fewer tradeoffs.
Public clouds offer flexibility. Private clouds offer control. NetApp solutions for AWS are designed to offer both with fewer tradeoffs.

Gain superior disaster recovery and multiregion business continuity at a lower cost
With Cloud ONTAP or NPS for AWS for DR, you can:

  • Obtain and pay for redundant servers in remote locations only when you really need them.
  • Achieve multiregion continuity and DR with little management from IT. Easily sync data between the cloud and on-premises storage and across regions.
  • Maximize your ROI. Popular secondary uses for DR systems include development, testing, sandboxes, reporting, and training.

Combine Cloud ONTAP and NPS for AWS
Start with Cloud ONTAP. You can easily upgrade to a larger, bring-your-own-license (BYOL) version of Cloud ONTAP for enterprises, or deploy to NPS for AWS or NetApp storage on premises as your projects grow and mature.

NetApp Solutions for Efficient Backup, Recovery, and Archiving

As storage grows, companies struggle with the rising cost of protecting data on premises. Traditional solutions are slow, expensive, and risky, and they fail to provide the service levels that end users expect or the simplicity that IT needs. Other challenges include:

  • Disparate, siloed archives require more active management and time from IT staff.
  • Organizations that rely on tape risk losing media in transport, risk increasing downtime and losing data, and have limited ability to test their solutions.
  • Bandwidth costs and constraints become even more acute as data grows.

Highly scalable, low-cost, reliable cloud backup and archival solutions scale as you grow and are an optimal replacement for outdated systems. Yet native cloud storage doesn't offer the best recovery time or recovery point objectives, the lowest costs, or the instant recovery that end users expect. And it doesn't offer the simplified management that organizations need to scale. As a result, many organizations still miss backup and recovery windows and struggle to manage exponential data growth and costs. NetApp solutions are designed to fill this gap.

Back up and archive with NetApp AltaVault
NetApp AltaVault cloud-integrated storage enables customers to securely back up data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Glacier-at up to 90% lower cost than with on-premises solutions. Choose the AltaVault offering that's right for you: physical, virtual, or cloud-based appliances. Get started quickly by choosing one of the AltaVault cloudbased appliances on AWS Marketplace. For under two dollars an hour, you can protect up to 2.4PB.

NetApp AltaVault: efficient, open, secure, and simple

  • Reduce data volumes by up to 90% with 30:1 data-reduction ratios thanks to NetApp deduplication and compression.
  • Enjoy affordable cloud backups, yet restore in minutes.
  • Simplify management. AltaVault integrates with your existing storage and backup software, automatically sends data to Amazon S3 and Glacier, and takes you from zero to protected in less than 30 minutes.
  • Secure data at all times-in flight, in the cloud, and on premises.

Archive with NetApp StorageGRID Webscale
Business and compliance requirements of some organizations mandate that data outlive the underlying storage infrastructure. NetApp StorageGRID® Webscale is an optimal solution for organizations that want to simplify management and reduce costs for long-term archives of unstructured and web data. In addition, StorageGRID Webscale is compatible with S3 protocols, enabling fluid data movement between AWS S3 and on-premises storage.

NetApp Solutions for AWS.
NetApp Solutions for AWS.

StorageGRID Webscale: simple, efficient, durable, and flexible
The massively scalable, globally distributed StorageGRID Webscale object storage solution lets you store large amounts of data reliably and cost effectively across locations and decades. Best of all, it simplifies management so that you can free up IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives. StorageGRID Webscale enables you to:

  • Leverage the S3 protocol and tier and access data across on-premises storage and Amazon S3.
  • Replace disparate archives with a single software-defined solution that manages heterogeneous storage, including NetApp, Amazon S3, and third-party storage.
  • Automatically optimize data location based on your requirements for cost, performance, durability, and availability.

Run apps created for Amazon S3 on premises. If you want to explore alternative cost models, you can use StorageGRID Webscale to run cloud-native applications written for S3 on premises.

Combine AltaVault and StorageGRID Webscale
For durable, cost-effective private cloud archives at web scale, use the AltaVault appliance to send data to StorageGRID Webscale with an option to seamlessly tier to Amazon S3.

1 Clustered Data ONTAP software and NetApp storage in a hybrid cloud architecture offer performance comparable to that received on premises.
2 NPS for AWS is a member of the multicloud NetApp Private Storage for Cloud family, and is designed for multicloud connectivity. To attain full multicloud potential, NPS for AWS must reside in an Equinix IBX Data Centre and be connected to the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Microsoft Azure:

Key Point

  • Combine public cloud benefits with proven enterprise storage.
  • Maintain control, compliance, and mobility of your data.
  • Balance your capex-opex profile and meet dynamic business needs.
  • Optimize your mix of private and public cloud resources.
  • Increase cloud connectivity performance by 36%.

Harness the power and control of a hybrid cloud solution from NetApp and Microsoft Azure.

When it comes to cloud, one thing is clear: Enterprises want flexibility and control. Most cloud solutions require trade-offs, but the NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure solution gives you both.

Leverage Azure cloud compute with proven enterprise storage
Combine the elasticity and savings of Microsoft Azure with the performance and availability of dedicated enterprise storage.

Match compute resources to utilization
Use Azure compute for peak, unforecasted, or seasonal enterprise workloads and avoid large, unnecessary capex investments.

Put your data next to Azure for performance and control
Placing your NetApp storage in an Equinix Tier 1 datacenter next to Azure gives you physical and environmental security, along with performance. Azure ExpressRoute connectivity between NetApp storage and Azure improves throughput by 36% compared to VPN over the Internet. Your compute feels local, while your data remains protected. Data sovereignty is a non-issue because you know where your data is located at all times.

The Challenge

As CIOs and their teams continue their evolution from being builders of applications and operators of data centers to brokers of information services, they require choice and flexibility to navigate their evolving mobile-first, cloud-first world. They need agile solutions that harness the power of private, public, and hybrid cloud resources to transform their data centers to meet evolving business requirements.

The Solution

NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure enables your enterprise to build an agile, high-performance cloud infrastructure that balances private and public cloud resources to optimize business outcomes. It is an addition to NetApp's award-winning Microsoft Cloud portfolio, which includes the FlexPod Datacenter with Microsoft Private Cloud. NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure enables you to leverage the performance, agility, and control of private NetApp storage resources with the savings and elasticity benefits of Microsoft Azure. This capability enables your organization to simply and securely extend into the cloud to enable massive scalability as you need it. And it allows workloads to move seamlessly across cloud resources.

NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure features the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP storage operating system. This system offers a single storage and data management platform that enables unrestricted and secure data movement across private, public, and hybrid clouds.

NetApp Private Storage connects to Microsoft Azure using Azure ExpressRoute, a private, high-bandwidth, low-latency connection that does not go over the Internet. With ExpressRoute you can connect directly to your private storage at an Equinix cloud access facility to Microsoft Azure. Equinix, a global interconnection and data center company, is the first colocation facility to offer direct, high-speed connections to Microsoft Azure with ExpressRoute. Testing of NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure has shown that ExpressRoute provides 36% better performance versus that of a VPN over public Internet connections.

Combine Public Cloud Benefits with Proven Enterprise Storage

NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure combines the elasticity and savings of Microsoft Azure with the performance and availability of dedicated NetApp enterprise storage.

  • Enterprise workload optimization. Your organization will reap the benefits of Microsoft Azure combined with the speed, reliability, and availability of NetApp storage for enterprise workloads such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, and more.
  • Azure compute for variable workloads. You can easily match compute resources to utilization and avoid large capex investments that would otherwise be required for peak, unforecasted, or seasonal workloads.
  • Disaster recovery at a lower cost. You can deploy cost-effective single- or multiregion disaster recovery by activating Azure only in disaster recovery test and failover scenarios.
  • Protecting critical applications. Take advantage of space-efficient NetApp Snapshot technology for backup, rapid recovery, and integrated data protection of business-critical applications.

Your Cloud, Your Terms

With NetApp Private Storage, you have complete control over your data while using Microsoft Azure:

  • Store your data “next to” rather than “in” the cloud. By locating your data next to Azure, you retain control of your data and enable performance similar to on-premises infrastructure stacks without needing a significant compute investment.
  • Secure connectivity to the cloud. ExpressRoute enables you to connect NetApp storage with a secure, dedicated, highspeed network connection.
  • Meet compliance and sovereignty regulations. The use of NetApp Private Storage helps you to meet compliance requirements. You own your storage and know where your data lives at all times. Advanced NetApp compliance features include NetApp SnapLock software and NetApp disk encryption.
  • Enabling cloud data mobility. NetApp clustered Data ONTAP offers a single storage and data management platform that makes it easy to move data within your infrastructure based on NetApp, including private, public, and hybrid clouds.
  • World-class physical security. Placing NetApp storage in tier 1 data centers such as those provided by Equinix offers your organization superior physical and environmental security.

Optimize Resources Across Private and Public Clouds

With NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure, you can dynamically change your mix of public and private cloud resources to balance your opex-capex profile and meet changing business needs.

  • Accelerate innovation and time to market. Your organization can leverage the speed and flexibility of Azure compute resources for development and test and then run those workloads on Azure or deploy them on the premises.
  • Optimize cloud resources. The use of Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 and Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit enables management and mobility of data between a private cloud and private storage connected to Microsoft Azure.
  • Data center migration and consolidation. Move your data to private storage connected to Azure and maintain operations as old data centers are decommissioned. Then leave the data in place or move it to a new data center.
  • Adjust capex-opex spending. You can adjust your capex-opex spending throughout your software-as-a-service lifecycle. Pay as you go for Azure compute, then repatriate data to a private cloud as you grow.

NPS for Azure: Azure ExpressRoute and Equinix Cloud Exchange connect your private storage to Azure compute.
NPS for Azure: Azure ExpressRoute and Equinix Cloud Exchange connect your private storage to Azure compute.