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NetApp ONTAP 9 Data Management Software
Simplify Your Transition to the Modern Data Center

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NetApp ONTAP 9 Data Management Software
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Key Point

  • Simplify deployment and management across flash, disk, and cloud.
  • Deploy new solutions in less than 10 minutes.
  • Respond with speed and agility to ever-changing business demands.
  • Drive leading TCO with flash efficiencies, performance, and scale.

Businesses today need to address competitive pressures by evolving into digital enterprises that speed innovation and enable better business decisions. They must take a more modern approach to their data storage while integrating into their existing environment. Businesses must also manage data wherever it resides-on the premises and in the cloud-while reducing costs and operating with existing IT staff.

Simplify your transition to a modern data center with NetApp ONTAP 9, the next generation of the industry's leading enterprise data management software. It combines new levels of simplicity and flexibility with powerful data management capabilities and storage efficiencies. With ONTAP 9, you can build a hybrid cloud that is the foundation of a Data Fabric that spans flash, disk, and cloud. Seamlessly manage your data as it flows to wherever you need it most to make the best possible decisions for your organization. ONTAP 9 addresses the challenges that face your digital enterprise by:

  • Simplifying deployment and data management
  • Flexibly supporting your changing business needs
  • Powering your enterprise applications

You can simplify your storage environment with proven operational efficiency. Deploy new workloads-Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, VDI, and VMware-in under 10 minutes. Automate important processes to increase productivity. Gain a global view of your storage with a single management console. Perform updates during regular work hours without disrupting applications or users.

With ONTAP 9, flexibly deploy on your choice of architectures-engineered systems, software-defined storage (SDS), and the cloud-while unifying data management across all of them. You can modernize your infrastructure with new software stacks such as Dockers and OpenStack. Add capacity as you grow across both SAN and NAS environments. Plus, combine all-flash, hard disk drive, and hybrid drive storage nodes into a larger storage cluster and connect them to the cloud, enabling you to nondisruptively move and access your data from the node that delivers the best combination of performance, capacity, and cost efficiency.

Accelerate your enterprise applications with flash while not compromising on the rich data services that you need. You can start small and grow with your business by scaling your storage environment, leveraging high-capacity SSDs or hard disk drives (HDDs) and growing up to 24 nodes in a cluster. Reduce your overall storage costs by leveraging leading ONTAP data reduction technologies to minimize your storage footprint and maximize your effective capacity. Plus, you are able to service your infrastructure without disrupting access to user data and applications, even during regular business hours. With ONTAP 9, support your business operations with continuous availability and leading data protection.

Unify data management across flash, disk, and cloud to simplify your storage environment. Transition to NetApp ONTAP 9.

Make the simple, fast move to NetApp ONTAP 9, next generation of the industry-leading data management software created to unify your storage infrastructure. ONTAP 9 bridges new and traditional data center architectures. It builds the foundation for a data fabric, making it easy to move your data where it's needed across flash, disk, and cloud resources.

Simplify deployment and data management

  • Deploy new solutions in less than 10 minutes with fast provisioning templates.
  • Reduce storage footprint and costs with leading inline data reduction.
  • Centrally manage from a single pane of glass.

Maximize data center agility

  • Leverage the architecture of your choice: NetApp engineered systems, software-defined storage, and the cloud.
  • Deploy both SAN and NAS workloads on a unified storage architecture.
  • Flexibly cluster flash and disk nodes to optimize performance and capacity-up to 138PB.
  • Provision storage in seconds with cloud automation and data center orchestration.

Power your enterprise applications

  • Increase application performance with 20x faster response times.
  • Provide continuous availability to eliminate planned and unplanned downtime.
  • Protect and rapidly restore data with integrated back-up and disaster recovery

Simplify Deployment and Management

Whether adding new workloads or managing your existing environment, it is important to simplify your processes to maximize the efficiency of your staff. ONTAP gives you a common set of features across deployment architectures, which simplifies complex tasks so your IT staff can be more productive and focus on addressing business priorities. When your storage doubles in size, it no longer means that you have twice as much work to manage.

Deploy in less than 10 minutes
New fast provisioning workflows enable you to deploy key workloads-Oracle, SQL Server, VDI, and VMware-in under 10 minutes from power-on to serving data. Years of NetApp experience and best practices are integrated into the system manager wizard and factory configurations, enabling you to quickly set up your new configuration by answering a few questions. And as you deploy new workloads, ONTAP 9 gives you the visibility to know which node has the most performance capacity available for optimally deploying the new workload.

Unified data management
Simplify operations by unifying data management across a hybrid cloud that can span flash, disk, and cloud running SAN and NAS workloads. You can increase the efficiency of your staff and easily move your data between nodes to where it's needed most. ONTAP is the foundation for a Data Fabric that gives you freedom, choice, and control across your storage environment.

Simplified, powerful management capabilities
The NetApp OnCommand software portfolio includes management products ideally suited to manage virtualized private and hybrid cloud environments. You can centrally monitor capacity, availability, performance, and data protection. And take advantage of storage service analytics to make better informed decisions about your storage. Use our OnCommand management platform to automate your storage processes. Plus, integrate the storage processes into your data center orchestration platform for end-to-end service delivery for your private and hybrid cloud services.

Flexibly Support Your Changing Business Needs

ONTAP 9 provides the flexibility you need to design and deploy your storage environment across the widest range of architectures, so you can match the approach that's best for your evolving business needs:

  • NetApp engineered systems: all-flash AFF systems and hybrid disk FAS systems
  • Converged infrastructure: FlexPod
  • On commodity servers as SDS: ONTAP Select
  • In front of third-party arrays: FlexArray
  • Next to the cloud: NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for Cloud
  • In the cloud: ONTAP Cloud

You can seamlessly move your data between each to get your data onto the optimal environment for performance, capacity, and cost efficiency. Plus, you have the flexibility to consolidate both NAS and SAN workloads onto any ONTAP environment while delivering consistent data services.

Power Your Enterprise Applications

To support your critical applications, you need a storage environment that cost-effectively delivers high performance and availability that can scale with business growth and protect your valuable data. ONTAP 9 delivers on all these requirements with highly efficient flash performance for scalable, nondisruptive operations.

Optimized for flash
ONTAP 9 delivers the horsepower that critical applications require without compromising on rich data services. AFF systems running ONTAP 9 are optimized specifically for flash, providing up to 60% more performance compared to the same workloads running on recent ONTAP 8 releases, while still delivering consistent submillisecond latency. ONTAP 9 also enables FAS hybrid storage systems to deliver flash-accelerated performance that is balanced with HDD economies. Hot data is automatically cached in flash to accelerate application performance.

Nondisruptive operations
ONTAP allows you to perform critical tasks without interrupting your business. You can dynamically assign, promote, and retire storage resources without downtime over the lifecycle of an application. Data can be moved between controllers without application interruption. Plus, storage controllers and disk shelves can be replaced without disruption. With ONTAP, you also can mix models and generations of hardware to extend the life of existing investments.

Integrated data protection
ONTAP provides integrated data protection (IDP) to safeguard your operations and keep them running smoothly. Technologies include space-efficient Snapshot® technology, near-instant backup and recovery with SnapVault, and synchronous and asynchronous replication with MetroCluster and SnapMirror, which can meet your requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery. To meet your stringent compliance and data retention policies, NetApp SnapLock software enables Write Once, Read Many (WORM) protected data for your ONTAP environment. NetApp also provides superior integration with enterprise backup vendors and leading applications. Plus, our IDP solutions include integrated and unified disk-to-disk backup and disaster recovery in a single process for VMware and Microsoft virtualization.

Consolidate data management across architectures with a rich set of enterprise data services.
Consolidate data management across architectures with a rich set of enterprise data services.

Superior storage efficiency
With ONTAP, you can reduce costs with one of the most comprehensive storage efficiency offerings in the industry. You get innovative NetApp Snapshot copies, thin provisioning, and replication and cloning technologies. Plus, inline data compression, deduplication, and compaction work together to reduce your storage costs and maximize your effective capacity.

Maximized shared storage investments
ONTAP lets you save time and money by sharing the same consolidated infrastructure for workloads or tenants that have different performance, capacity, and security requirements without fear that the activity in one tenant partition will affect another. With multitenancy, a storage cluster can be subdivided into secure partitions governed by rights and permissions. And quality of service (QoS) workload management allows you to control the resources that each workload can consume, to better manage performance spikes and improve customer satisfaction.

Stay ahead of business changes with seamless scalability
Storage systems that run ONTAP can transparently scale SAN and NAS from a few terabytes up to 138PB. Scale up by adding SSD and HDD capacity. Or scale out by adding additional storage controllers to seamlessly expand your cluster up to 24 nodes as your business needs grow. You can also rebalance capacity to improve service levels by redeploying workloads dynamically and avoiding hot spots. Most scale-out storage solutions provide a single large repository. ONTAP takes a different approach that gives you more flexibility and greater control. NetApp Infinite Volumes let you create large, flexible, and easy-to-manage content repositories. You also have the ability to isolate workloads and offer levels of service by using different controller technologies, storage tiers, and QoS policies. In addition, you can span multiple controllers for nearly limitless scalability.

Maximize Investment Protection

ONTAP gives you the flexibility to create an integrated, scalable storage environment by clustering storage controllers from different families-AFF and FAS-as well as from different generations. Grow with the latest hardware and continue to use your older hardware. When it's time to retire a storage system, you can simply upgrade the controllers and keep data in place on the existing disk shelves. Plus, you can get more value from your existing investments in third-party arrays by virtualizing them with NetApp FlexArray virtualization and using the storage capacity in your ONTAP environment.

Simple, Straightforward Transition to ONTAP 9

No matter what your starting point, NetApp streamlines your move to ONTAP 9:

  • Upgrade from ONTAP 8.3 with a simple update of your ONTAP software. No disruption. Zero downtime.
  • Make a smooth transition from ONTAP 7-Mode with proven tools and best practices, including 7-Mode Transition Tool (7MTT) and Copy Free Transition (CFT).
  • Use straightforward import processes from third-party storage to ONTAP 9.

Consult our experts to plan and implement your transition and gain the latest ONTAP advantages from day one. You can use NetApp Services or NetApp Certified Services Partners, do it yourself using our proven tools and processes, or combine these approaches.


Function Benefits
Data compaction Packs more data into each storage block for greater data reduction Works with compression to reduce the amount of storage you need to purchase and operate
Data compression Provides transparent inline and postprocess data compression for data reduction Reduces the amount of storage you need to purchase and maintain
DataMotion Offers nondisruptive data mobility for volumes and LUNs Granular data mobility allows you to move data nondisruptively while your applications keep running
Deduplication Performs general-purpose deduplication for removal of redundant data Reduces the amount of storage you need to purchase and maintain
Flash Pool Creates a mixed-media storage pool by using SSDs and HDDs Increases the performance and efficiency of HDD pools with flash acceleration
FlexClone Instantaneously creates file, LUN, and volume clones without requiring additional storage Saves you time in testing and development and increases your storage capacity
FlexVol Creates flexibly sized volumes across a large pool of disks and one or more RAID groups Enables storage systems to be used at maximum efficiency and reduces hardware investment
Headroom Provides visibility of performance capacity available for deploying new workloads on storage nodes Simplifies management and enables more effective provisioning of new workloads to the optimal node
Infinite Volumes Creates a volume that can scale up to 20PB with one file system Provides a large container for content repositories; a single cluster can contain multiple Infinite Volumes
MetroCluster Combines array-based clustering with synchronous mirroring to deliver continuous availability and zero data loss; up to 300km distance between nodes Maintains business continuity for critical enterprise applications and workloads in the event of a data center disaster
QoS Creates a performance limit for a storage workload Can prevent one workload or tenant from affecting the performance of another in multiworkload and multitenant environments
RAID DP and RAID-TEC Provides a double-parity and triple parity RAID 6 implementation that prevents data loss when two or three drives fail Protects your data without the performance impact of other RAID 6 implementations; reduces risks during long rebuilds of large-capacity HDDs
SnapCenter and SnapManager Provides host-based data management of NetApp storage for databases and business applications Offers application-aware backup and disaster recovery; automates error-free data restores
SnapDrive Provides host-based data management of NetApp storage from Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers Lets you automate OS-consistent backup, restore, cloning, and other operations, taking full advantage of NetApp capabilities
SnapLock Provides WORM file-level locking Supports regulatory compliance and organizational data retention requirements
SnapMirror Enables automatic, incremental asynchronous data replication between systems Provides you with flexibility and efficiency when mirroring for data distribution and disaster recovery
SnapRestore Rapidly restores single files, directories, or entire LUNs and volumes from any Snapshot copy backup Instantaneously recovers files, databases, and complete volumes from your backup
Snapshot Makes incremental data-in-place, point-in-time copies of a LUN or volume with minimal performance impact Enables you to create frequent space-efficient backups with no disruption to data traffic
SnapVault Exports space-efficient Snapshot copies, preserving compression and deduplication savings, to another NetApp system, providing an incremental backup solution Provides you with cost-effective, long-term backups of disk-based data

Unified Storage Architecture:

Key Point

  • Standardize on a single data management platform spanning flash to disk to cloud.
  • Scale SAN and NAS workloads without disrupting running applications.
  • Simplify storage management with a common set of software and tools.
  • Protect your investment, reduce TCO, build a foundation for a data fabric.

Simplify data management. Improve data protection and ROI. Unify your storage resources across flash to disk to cloud.

NetApp introduced unified storage more than a decade ago with the industry's first unified SAN and NAS scale-out storage systems. Now, expand unified storage to encompass flash, disk, and cloud by using NetApp ONTAP software as your data management foundation for on-premises and off-premises storage.

Leverage the versatility of ONTAP software to maintain control of your data across your hybrid cloud. Use consistent processes, features, and data management tools everywhere.

The ONTAP platform offers universal management:

  • Across on-premises and cloud resources, including NetApp engineered systems and converged infrastructure; on commodity servers as software-defined storage, in front of third-party arrays, next to the cloud, and in the cloud.
  • Across SAN and NAS protocols, including Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, and SMB/CIFS
  • Across virtualized, UNIX, Windows, and Linux environments, no matter how complex your configuration

Learn how our unified storage architecture can help you build a foundation for a data fabric and get the most from your storage investment:

  • Cloud deployments-private, public, and hybrid
  • SAN protocol support
  • NAS protocol support

Storage Efficiency:

Key Point

  • Reduce SSD storage by 5x to 10x on average with inline data reduction.
  • Simplify deployment with <10-minute system setup.
  • Automate and increase productivity while lowering IT costs.
  • Eliminate planned and unplanned downtime.
  • Make your data storage budget and investments go further.

Improve storage utilization. Eliminate planned and unplanned downtime. Save on storage costs with ONTAP software.

Reduce your data storage and management costs using NetApp ONTAP data management software and its leading set of optimization and data-reduction technologies.

Manage your data resources-flash, disk, and cloud-with greater efficiency:

  • Increase storage efficiency and performance with FlashEssentials, a set of flash-optimization technologies in ONTAP software running on NetApp AFF all-flash arrays.
  • Use inline data-reduction technologies (deduplication, compression, and compaction) across multiple applications and storage tiers.
  • Increase IT staff efficiency with sub-10-minute system setup, simplified management, and nondisruptive operations.
  • Reduce complexity, storage footprint, and deployment costs for dev/test and virtual infrastructure. Replicate data volumes and datasets as NetApp FlexClone (PDF) space-saving virtual clones.
  • Increase the flexibility and ROI of existing third-party storage arrays with NetApp FlexArray storage virtualization software.
  • Secure your data without performance impact, using minimal storage space, with NetApp Snapshot point-in-time copies.
  • Protect data from double- and triple-disk failure without adding disk mirroring by using RAID-DP and RAID-TEC technologies.

Data Protection:

Key Point

  • Get continuous availability and up to 98% faster data recovery.
  • Restore application data and virtual machines in minutes.
  • Activate and roll out data protection services in minutes.
  • Use built-in protection and storage efficiency technologies.

Reduce downtime risk and meet your business continuity goals with data protection built into NetApp ONTAP software.

You get comprehensive data protection as core functionality of NetApp ONTAP (PDF) storage software. NetApp integrated data protection complements our data-protection storage portfolio to provide availability, backup, compliance, and disaster recovery (DR) services-all built into the data storage system.

You will benefit from:

  • High availability, DR, and backup in an agile storage architecture
  • Business continuity services with synchronous replication
  • Efficient end-to-end data reduction
  • Application-aware backup and recovery solutions

ONTAP software offers seamless scaling capabilities that enable nondisruptive operations and increase operational efficiency. Your organization can reduce both storage and data management costs to increase your return on investment (ROI).

ONTAP built-in data protection services include:

  • MetroCluster continuous availability and DR software
  • RAID-TEC and RAID-DP disk-failure protection technology
  • SnapMirror asynchronous data-replication software
  • Snapshot point-in-time copy technology
  • SnapRestore file system and data volume recovery
  • SnapVault backup-and-recovery technology
  • SnapLock compliance software for write once, read many (WORM) protected data
  • Antivirus protection through antivirus scanning software integration

SnapCenter software make managing your NetApp integrated protection environment easy.

Flash Acceleration:

Key Point

  • Accelerate SAN and NAS databases with 4x to 12x higher IOPS and 20x faster response.
  • Power your all-flash and hybrid data storage solutions.
  • Combine flash performance and leading data management, without compromise.
  • Move data between all-flash, hybrid array, and cloud tiers without disruption.

Optimized for flash, ONTAP data management software delivers world-class performance and reduces overall system cost.

Whether you are focused on high-performance all-flash storage solutions or the price/performance advantages of hybrid systems, NetApp ONTAP software can power flash solutions to match your storage requirements.

For high IOPS and consistent submillisecond latency, deploy your key enterprise applications on NetApp AFF all-flash arrays (PDF) running ONTAP software. Drive high performance with ONTAP Flash Essentials: flash innovations and optimizations built into ONTAP software running on AFF systems. ONTAP software's levels of performance, efficiency, and data integrity make it ideal for flash media.

For data storage solutions requiring a balance of performance and capacity, use ONTAP software in hybrid flash systems that combine flash performance with hard disk drive (HDD) economies. Deploy low-cost, high-capacity SATA disk drives as your primary HDD tier to minimize cost. Accelerate your workloads with NetApp Flash Pool or Flash Cache intelligent caching in your hybrid flash systems.



Key Point

  • Move from ONTAP 8.3 with a simple, nondisruptive update.
  • Make a smooth transition from 7-mode with proven tools and best practices.
  • Use straightforward import processes from third-party storage to ONTAP 9.

Easy-to-use tools. Expert professional services. Enjoy a simple, straightforward transition to the latest ONTAP version.

No matter your starting point, NetApp makes your data transition smooth and direct: Upgrade your storage infrastructure to the industry-leading data management capabilities of NetApp ONTAP storage software.

From ONTAP 8.3: Update to ONTAP 9 with a simple upgrade of your ONTAP software. No disruption. Zero downtime.

From ONTAP 7-mode/7G or existing third-party storage arrays: Leverage our portfolio of proven tools and services to streamline your transition to ONTAP 9. Consult our expertise to plan and implement your transition. Gain the latest ONTAP advantages from day one.

Use NetApp Services or NetApp Certified Services Partners. Do it yourself using our proven tools and processes. Or combine these approaches. Make your move to ONTAP 9.


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NetApp ONTAP 9 Data Management Software
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