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NetApp OnCommand API Services
Centralized Integrated Monitoring of Storage Infrastructure

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NetApp OnCommand API Services
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Key Point

  • Integrate storage monitoring and reporting via one programmable interface.
  • View inventory objects, configuration, and events collectively.
  • Pull the operational and performance metrics you need to take action.

OnCommand API Services to simplify management

NetApp OnCommand API Services provides a way for IT organizations to address today's complex IT management challenges. It enables IT organizations to have a single view of their entire infrastructure, while still having the ability to use vendor-provided tools on an as-needed basis to troubleshoot a specific issue associated with that infrastructure component.

Recognizing that numerous management tools are likely unavoidable in most IT organizations, the logical approach is to integrate the disparate tools as much as possible. OnCommand API Services lets you integrate and simplify storage management by exposing Representation State Transfer (REST) APIs and enabling third-party infrastructure-monitoring tools to monitor and manage NetApp storage. Today, OnCommand API Services works with OnCommand Unified Manager and OnCommand Performance Manager to provide active monitoring and reporting of your clustered Data ONTAP environment. OnCommand API Services provides a single endpoint across your data center, enabling data collection from multiple Unified Manager and Performance Manager servers managing one or more clusters.

Rest APIs pull data from Unified Manager and Performance Manager into the third party management console.
Rest APIs pull data from Unified Manager and Performance Manager into the third party management console.

Integrate NetApp storage data to streamline your storage-management processes-either on premises or in the cloud.

IT management challenges can be a study in complexity. Fortunately for your IT organization, NetApp® OnCommand® API Services software provides a centralized and simplified way to address them:

OnCommand API Services lets you integrate disparate software tools to simplify how you manage your on-premises and cloud storage. Using REST APIs , you can retrieve operational metrics, such as inventory utilization, from OnCommand Unified Manager. And you can pull performance metrics from OnCommand Performance Manager into your preferred management tool.

View all of your key NetApp storage information alongside other vital data-center information to facilitate and streamline day-to-day management activities. Improve IT agility and reliability with a standard approach for integrating and managing physical and cloud storage.

Flexibility and choice

OnCommand API Services lets you pull performance metrics from OnCommand Performance Manager and retrieve operational metrics such as capacity and utilization from OnCommand Unified Manager. Using these three products together, you are able to gather information about the configuration, inventory, and provisioning for a holistic view of your NetApp storage, while REST APIs allow you to integrate this information within the management console of choice.

REST is a simple communication architecture that is commonly used in web-based and network-based services. NetApp uses REST APIs to provide flexibility and choice for integrating with third-party or custom management applications. If your preference is to continue to use or create your own custom management application for managing your data center, OnCommand API Services lets you integrate and pull NetApp storage information quickly and safely.

Who can benefit

Large enterprises and IT service providers face the biggest challenges around growth and complexity and are seeking automation and orchestration solutions to improve IT agility, reliability, and service delivery. In addition, if you are using OpenStack, you can use the REST interfaces for monitoring and managing your NetApp storage.


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