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NetApp OnCommand System Manager
Simplified Device-Level Management as You Upgrade to Clustered Data ONTAP

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NetApp OnCommand System Manager
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Key Point

  • Manage individual or clustered storage systems via a browser-based interface.
  • Provision storage in minutes. Perform common storage tasks with wizards.
  • Manage clustered Data ONTAP software as well as new features.

IT organizations face significant complexity in deploying and managing technologies for virtualization, cloud, wireless, mobile, and analytics solutions. Compounding this complexity with business and data growth results in even greater management challenges. Wouldn't it be nice if you could manage your storage resources without having to be an expert?

What IT organizations need is a storage management solution that provides the simplicity and efficiency necessary to let them keep pace with data growth and tight IT budgets. They also need a solution with versatile administration capabilities for the latest storage technology, including flash media and scale-out clustered storage.

NetApp OnCommand System Manager is a simple, versatile GUI management product that enables administrators to easily configure and manage clustered NetApp storage systems.

System Manager is designed with wizards and workflows to simplify common storage tasks such as creating volumes, LUNs, qtrees, shares, and exports, which saves time and helps prevent errors. It's one product that can manage the entire NetApp FAS line, from the entry-level FAS2200 series to the enterprise-class FAS8000 series, including systems running NetApp FlexArray storage virtualization software.

Fast, Simple Configuration
With System Manager, you can rapidly configure NetApp storage systems. You can also automate storage discovery to further simplify locating and configuring your existing storage systems. This management software is web based, can be installed on a laptop or a server, and runs on either a Windows or a Linux environment. System Manager 8.3.x comes bundled with the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP platform, eliminating the need for a separate installation.

Simplified Management
System Manager provides intuitive, workflow-based wizards to automate the most common device management tasks. A dashboard displays vital storage information, such as capacity utilization in aggregates, outstanding subsystem alerts, and alarms. By having all this information at your fingertips, you can perform simple management tasks quickly and more efficiently

The OnCommand System Manager dashboard shows at-a-glance system status for one storage system or for clusters of systems.
The OnCommand System Manager dashboard shows at-a-glance system status for one storage system or for clusters of systems.

Extensive administrative capabilities
System Manager lets administrators easily control the powerful capabilities of NetApp storage systems: flash, disks, pooled storage, shares and exports, NetApp Snapshot copies, mirroring, replication, and network configuration. Both SAN (iSCSI/FC/ FCoE) and NAS (CIFS/NFS) storage can be managed through the same view, as well as storage for VMware environments.

Unlocking the power of clustered Data ONTAP
System Manager provides a simple and intuitive way for users to leverage the rich data management features in the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP operating system. These features include enhanced monitoring and usability with simplified storage virtual machine setup, workflows for creating CIFS local users and groups, and easy-to-use workflows for NetApp SnapVault and SnapMirror management. It also offers the ability to monitor and manage the state and interconnection status of all the high-availability (HA) pairs in a cluster running Data ONTAP. And it provides templates and dashboards that improve visibility and usability.

Clustered scale-out storage
System Manager enables administration of NetApp unified storage at scale, including management of clustered Data ONTAP. This clustering increases the level of nondisruptive operations, scalability, and ease of management for NetApp storage systems. With System Manager, users can efficiently administer their clustered storage environment.

OnCommand System Manager key features

OnCommand System Manager provides fast, simple configuration and management for NetApp FAS storage systems.

Small to midsize organizations need easy, efficient device-level management-and NetApp OnCommand System Manager delivers. It also provides a simple yet versatile management solution for smaller storage environments within large enterprises or service providers.

Manage your storage like an expert. System Manager is optimized for IT generalists who need streamlined management, an easy-to-use GUI, and best-practice workflows.

OnCommand System Manager helps:


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